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Emily Davis
03-28-2020 9:50:30 AM CST

So blessed that I had the opportunity to adopt my sweet Dax from Grandma Josie! He is the perfect piece to complete our family! Jose goes above and beyond for her babies and her compassion shows. She not only kept in contact with me throughout his first 8 weeks but she also checked in with me every step of the way through his flight home to me. He is the most handsome boy and even better than we expected. Thank you so much Grandma Josie for the wonderful adoption experience!

Janeen Rambo   janeenlrambo@yahoo.com
02-21-2020 10:22:28 PM CST

I am so glad I was able to adopt a Josies puppy. She has so much love and compassion for all her dogs! Her Kennel is so clean and maintained and how she opens her home raising and giving so much love to her beautiful puppies, mamas and daddies too❤️ I highly highly recommend contacting her if your looking to adopt a beautiful healthy puppy! I can’t say enough good things about this lady! She’s one amazing Breeder who truly cares about all her dogs and puppies and goes above and beyond to make sure they are well taken care of!! Love you Ms Josie❤️

Amanda   Amrothrock5@gmail.com
02-09-2020 11:17:00 AM CST

We got our puppy, Reese (a Shorkie) in January. Josie was extremely informative through the whole process. Reese is an amazing puppy! She has the best personality, and super cuddly! If we ever do decide to get another puppy, which I hope we do, it will definitely be from Josie!!

Connie   Hello@ConnieWalkerPhotography.com
02-01-2020 4:56:42 PM CST

After having such a great experience with Josie the year before, we knew we wanted to adopt from her again. Another sweet shorkie girl and another great adoption experience with Josie. Again welcoming us into our home like we were family. 5 stars for this incredible lady that gives so much of herself to these pups.

Connie   Hello@ConnieWalkerPhotography.com
02-01-2020 4:47:32 PM CST

After tons of research I finally found Josie and her gorgeous pups. I was able to see photos and videos of my puppy weekly until our adoption day. Josie welcomed us into her home and spent over an hour going over care instructions for having such a small puppy. We'd always had bigger dogs so one this small was new for us. Josie cares about each and every pup in her breeding program and she does her due diligence of screening potential fur parents to make sure they are going to loving homes. I highly recommend Josie's Joys

02-01-2020 4:27:57 PM CST

Josie is so Knowledgeable, Caring & Lovable She truly loves each and everyone of her puppies. She is always there for you before and after you get a puppy from her. Her website is like one big family. They’re the smartest little puppies I’ve ever owned. My little Bitsie was completely puppy pad trained. Has never cried one night. Such a puppy we are truly grateful we found Josie. She’s definitely a five star breeder. Once you receive a puppy from her she will forever be your puppies grandma because she truly cares about each and every puppy.

02-01-2020 4:26:38 PM CST

Josie is so Knowledgeable, Caring & Lovable She truly loves each and everyone of her puppies. She is always there for you before and after you get a puppy from her. Her website is like one big family. They’re the smartest little puppies I’ve ever owned. My little Bitsie was completely puppy pad trained. Has never cried one night. Such a puppy we are truly grateful we found Josie. She’s definitely a five star breeder. Once you receive a puppy from her she will forever be your puppies grandma because she truly cares about each and every puppy.

02-01-2020 4:09:47 PM CST

We had been looking for a puppy for awhile. Just had not found the right fit. A friend referred my to Josie. She is extremely knowledgable and professional and will guide you through the whole process. The most important thing is this is truly her passion. Helping families find the love and joy in their puppies. She takes amazing care of the puppies. Everything is clean and taken care of. Most of all she provides each puppy with love and socialization Highly recommend her if you are looking for a healthy, socialized puppy for your family.

Cindy Deboard
02-01-2020 1:50:06 PM CST

I have been looking for a puppy for a puppy for a while. I watched Josie’s website for a while. I enjoyed seeing people post pictures of their puppies. Finally I decided to just go for it and I got mr Nigel Murray. Josie was great. She kept me updated on him until it was time to fly him out. Then the day he was leaving she texted me several times. She wanted to make sure I got him and that things were going well. She really made it a worry free experience. When I decide to get another pup I will definitely go back to Josie.

Missie Richard    Mpoolfool@gmail.com
02-01-2020 1:37:36 PM CST

I have had a wonderful experience. Josie is an honest and very loving breeder. She takes pride in every puppy she raises. I recommend her to everyone. Gracie is a wonderful puppy and I couldn’t be happier.

Amanda Mendoza    Mendozacrew@gmail.com
02-01-2020 1:23:03 PM CST

Josie was amazing from day one. Super knowledgeable and always answered my questions. He is such a sweet well acclimated puppy. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still a troublemaker, but ever so sweet and you can tell he was loved from day one ♥️ I would recommend her ALL DAY LONG!

Joseph    joseph.barr29@gmail.com
02-01-2020 1:21:11 PM CST

We are so happy with our little man he has been such a wonderful addition to our family. We also love Josie she has helped so much especially with his transition into our home. We are really grateful and can't wait to get his sister in a few weeks when Josie clears her to come home!

Amanda, Chelsea, Aleigha Lerma
02-01-2020 1:15:55 PM CST

We have adopted Jax (chorkie) and Octavius (Shorkie) from Josie The love she has for these babies and the care she gives them is remarkable, these babies are so smart and fun and very loveable! Not pictured we have also adopted Pettie ( parti yorkie) and Sully ( traditional yorkie) Who are also very smart and very loving! Josie is the only person we will get babies from! We love you Josie : The Lermas

Mandi Wilson   Mandiwilson@ymail.com
01-08-2020 4:57:18 PM CST

We could not be more pleased. You aren't just buying a puppy. Josie is an amazing support and truly loves all her dogs. You can be sure that your puppy and their parents are treated like family. Hopefully it wont be for a while but next time we are looking to add another dog to our family we will be talking to Josie again.

Casey Munoz
01-08-2020 2:36:38 PM CST

Our experience was wonderful. From day 1 communication was excellent. I felt as though I was purchasing from a friend. Very knowledgeable and patient, and kind. Our baby Whiskey is a blessing and so is Josie!

Tracey Foss
01-08-2020 1:28:22 PM CST

It was a wonderful process working with Josie. We were able to watch our little ones (Ripley and Mazey) from birth until the day they were in my arms. Josie has also been a godsend with her puppy knowledge and always happy who answer any questions and concerns. Which I did have many. We just love our fur babies we added to our family and anytime friends or family are looking for fur babies I recommend with high regards Josie!

Chrissy Swim
01-08-2020 1:17:42 PM CST

I followed your group for months and was so impressed with how clean everything was all the time along with the love you had for every single baby. I knew when we were ready for our new baby that I was getting her from you. Brinlee has brought us so much joy to our family. Thank you for being you and raising an amazing baby girl for us to love forever.

Dedra   Dedrajustice@gmail.com
01-08-2020 1:16:47 PM CST

I adopted Hazel in November 2019. She is healthy abs the sweetest little thing. I followed Josie on social media for 2 years before I was ready to adopt. She has been a great Supoort to me and Hazel! She is amazing with her babies and the love and care she has for them is amazing !

Jackie Morrisette
01-04-2020 9:45:56 AM CST

A last minute decision turned out to be the best! Josie is the most caring grandma to all her puppies. I had been following her for a while and seeing her care for her babies like she does there was no other choice of who to deal with, she’s the best. Process was easier than I thought it would be. We love our precious Lilly Rose and we look forward to loving her and spoiling her for the rest of her life. Couldn’t be happier!

Linda Meyers
12-06-2019 7:56:01 AM CST

We went to Josie’s home to pick up our sweet Gracie. Josie is wonderful! She had everything ready to make the move easier for our new fur baby and for us. Gracie (aka S’mores) is wonderful and has been such a great addition to our family. Thank you Josie.

11-27-2019 1:16:08 PM CST

I would like to introduce you to two very sweet little girls.  The larger one is my granddaughter Violet who is three years old and who loves her grandma.  And the other little one who was Bambi and is now named Joy!   She brings so much joy to my husband, Paxton and me.  Paxton and Joy are inseparable.  They  sleep together, wrestle very loudly,  and chase each other all over our house.  I just weighed Joy and she is a  whopping two and a half pounds. Paxton weighs just four/sixteenth under nine pounds.  So he is three times her weight and she is the boss!! Of all of us.  Lol.  My husband and I think Josie’s Joys is real!  Because she has give him and I two of the greatest joys in our lives. Thank you Josie!!!

Quanda    Quanda413@yahoo.com
11-25-2019 11:08:05 PM CST

I’ve ran a crossed Josie due to a friend, with me not even looking to bring a new baby into the house BUT once I’ve started going through her pictures, how she interacts with others including with me asking people about their own personal experience with her made me want to adopt a beautiful fur baby. She answered every question I’ve asked no matter how dumb it may appeared to be, she replied back in an timely manner during her working hours and even sometimes after her working hours. She gave me the run down on how long she’s been doing this, why she loves her babies, etc.. she takes her babies health conditions as serious as if they were just like brand new born human babies when picking up your fur baby. I loved on my baby Rocco all the way home (3 1/2 hour drive). I promise you, adopt a baby from her you will not regret. I’ve made her a part of my family and send her lots of pics of her grand fur baby, and she loves every last one. I highly recommend her to a responsible family that will love their baby and takes wonderful care of their baby

Brenda and Harold Lankutis
11-09-2019 8:54:42 PM CST

When we went to pick up Paxton/Duke at Josies home. We were so pleasantly surprised by how well her home and yard were managed for the all of her loves. Everything was set up for her pets and their babies. She takes every precaution to keep them healthy and happy. Our Veterinarian here in Illinois was so surprised by her record keeping and having them premicrochipped before she let them leave to their furever family. She loves to hear back from their new family how they are doing. She loves all her extended family and babies!

Vicki    Vickigikas@yahoo.com
11-08-2019 9:12:54 PM CST

The love and care Josie gives to each one of her puppies is amazing. We got our chorkie Jax from Josie and it was an absolute pleasure. Look forward to adopting more of Josie’s grand babies in the future.

11-07-2019 5:13:18 PM CST
I have been following Josie for 3 years since I started looking for my first yorkie. I did not pur8uim from her but continue to love seeing all her babies and her sharing her love she has. I was lucky enough to get my Brodee from her couple months ago. I knew if I got another it would only be from her. She is so compassionate and caring for her babies. Best choice I made was to continue to follow her and get my baby from her.

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