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01-05-2019 12:05:58 AM CST

This is Dexter!! We got him from Josie about a month ago. He's got such a great personality and disposition. He's so smart. Josie was great! She sent me videos and let me know how he was doing till i was able to pick him up.

12-28-2018 7:30:50 PM CST

We had never had a smaller dog, only Labs. I was looking a Yorkies, my husband loved Daschunds. So we googled it and found Dorkies! Josie was so sweet, knowledgeable and patient with every question we had...it was lots! We immediately knew our decision was the right one and anxiously awaited our puppy who was born in June. Josie sent me a photo of each boy right away and we even got to visit him a little early before he came home. Josie is loving, kind-hearted and always enjoys making furever homes for her pups!

Peggy Hinkle    Peggy.m.p@oulook.com
12-28-2018 8:50:41 AM CST

Baxter was adopted from Josie’s joys puppies and we couldn’t be happier! He is so smart, well adjusted and got a fabulous start with grandma Josie! She’s the very best!! She truly loves and nurtures her babies to prepare them for their very best start in a healthy happy life!!

12-25-2018 1:17:54 PM CST

This year my family and I were blessed to come across Josie and her pups. All I can say is GRATEFUL GRATEFUL SO GRATEFUL! I purchased 2 Traditional Yorkies and they are SO CUTE AND HEALTHY! I drove 6 hours (both ways) to get them! Josie is absolutely the cleanest breeder I’ve ever seen! She also loves on each and every one of her puppies! She has answered every question I had before and after I brought my pups home. If you are considering purchasing from Josie please look no further, you have found the best breeder in the Midwest. You will not be disappointed and you will get healthy puppies as she makes sure of that. Josie puts in so much hard work and many countless hours to ensure that each puppy is healthy and well taken care of. My puppies were both up to date on all their shots, microchipped, and sent home with a care package! It doesn’t get any better than that!

Jennifer Valdez    Jennifervaldez82@yahoo.com
12-22-2018 4:04:27 PM CST

Josie is an amazing Breeder,she answers all your questions right away and keeps you updated on your puppy until he is home with you and after he is home with you. I just got my little guy and he is perfect I couldn’t have asked for a better puppy. Everything went really good on his plane ride here to Denver, Colorado. I couldn’t be more happy 😃 I am so in love with my precious baby! Everything is perfect Thank you so...much Josie!!

11-17-2018 10:00:55 AM CST

I had to put my 14 yr old Dorkie down in May and began a major search on Social media for another Dorkie. I kept coming up empty handed. Determined, my parter found her on fb. I was so happy yet nervous to make a final decision on an unborn pup. I had never done such a thing. I did not know this woman at all. All the what if’s. I told her to put me on the list for a female Dorkie.. on birthing day, I watched the entire litter be born right before my eyes. WOW! That’s when I realized I had made the right decision! Josie is so informative, knowledgeable of her 10 yrs of breeding! Her expertise, unconditional love, compassion shows! She keeps you very informed with pictures and videos of how they are growing and doing. Which helps tremendously when yours 7+ hrs away and your dying to make the drive to see your baby. I can’t thank her enough for all her hard work she puts into them so that “ your” baby can transition into their new environment as easy as possible.

11-10-2018 10:54:20 PM CST

Thank goodness we found Josie. She is so caring for her pups like no other. Jax is the perfect addition to our family. He is the sweetest thing ever. Thank you Josie!

Misty King   mistyk825@gmail.com
10-27-2018 12:54:01 PM CST

I am so thrilled that I was able to get in contact with such a great breeder, Josie! My little yorkie girl, Ellie is just perfect. I will definitely be recommending Josie’s Joys to everyone! Thank you so much for everything!

10-26-2018 2:21:25 PM CST

We are so thrilled with the female Yorkie we received from Josie. I contacted her after we lost our 13 yo Yorkie boy. Our hearts were broken and we missed the love and companionship a Yorkie brings. Josie kept us informed on our new baby with photos, videos and messages. There were no surprises and communication was clear and smooth. We feel the cost was very reasonable and appreciate the time Josie took to ensure that WE were a fit for one of her babies. We received a loving and happy puppy and lots of information to make the transition smooth for her. Josie made sure to let us know that we can reach out with future questions of concerns. A++ breeder’

Sir Kipper of House of Josie
09-01-2018 7:15:18 PM CST

Picked Sir Kipper up yesterday. We are so please with him. He is lively and playful. He has an alert and sweet personality. Sir Kipper has been cautious yet curious He will explore them runs back with kisses. It is obvious he has been raised with love. Josie has been so friendly and helpful sending us videos and messages so we have seen him grow. Her puppies are in very clean conditions. Her record keeping is impeccable and detailed. In order to ensure and protect the health of her babies, she gives additional treatments, immunizations. and advise. If you are searching for an additional family member as We were, I highly recommend Josie’s Joy’s. Please feel free to contact me if you want additional information at pjluke68@aol.com.

Sami Spence
08-03-2018 10:18:06 AM CST

See this precious little boy I got him from Josies joys . I have never been to-a cleaner kennels and home . Puppies were all clean . Not only that Josie is exceptional person to do business with . She take great care of Siri those puppies she grasses to go to our fur ever homes . I can’t say enough about her . I would send anyone interested in a yorkie to definitely get a hold of Josie . Thank you Josie for that precious little boy Oliver that we took home .

Sami spence   Billansam@sbcglobal..net
08-01-2018 10:30:38 PM CST

Josie is such a good dog breeder, she keeps her place spotless. Josie is quite knowledgeable. She is very personable .the best is that she loves everyone of those puppies . She had my little boy so used to his name that he comes running when we call him . Josie is such a wonderful person that I would let anyone I knew that was looking for a pup I would definitely send them her way . Thanks Josie thank you for Olliver .

Lexie McNamara   Leexiie7465@gmail.com
07-17-2018 11:11:18 AM CST

5 Stars I picked up my baby Nash 7/6/18. Up until that Day Josie was giving me updates on my baby sending me pictures and videos 1-2 times a week. She treats these dogs like her pride and joy. She is so sweet. When I got to her house to pick Nash up she had a bag of dog food, can chicken and other things too. She is so helpful and still is to this day. If I have a question she response within minutes. Nash is the SWEETEST dog! She pee pad trains all her dogs and Nash does pretty well at it. He is so good with kids but is definitely a mommas boy so he isnt one to just run up to a stranger, but he will be nice to anyone and gives them kisses. If you are wondering if you can trust Josie or not the answer is ABSOLUTELY! Yes, she has multiple dogs but she takes great care of each and every one of them. Worth every penny.

Andrea Acquafredda   andrea.acqua@yahoo.com
07-07-2018 9:27:09 PM CST

I am so happy and blessed that we were able to adopt Loki. He brings nothing but happiness and joy into our family's life! Josie was absolutely amazing and I would definitely adopt from her again.

matt grzeskowiak
07-07-2018 7:52:30 PM CST

Wow words can’t explain the blessing Josie’s Joys gave me. Murphy is perfect! I give her 6 stars!!

Teresa and Cecil Blankenship   milton_blankenship@yahoo.com
07-07-2018 5:58:50 PM CST

We came across Josie's Joys after losing our 10yr old Chorkie-poo named "Sissy". Me and my husband were both devastated, but my husband more so since she was his shadow. After explaining our situation to to Josie. She went out of her way to help us pick out the perfect furbaby for us. She took the time to give us a video tour of her home, kennel, as well as the the playgrounds and obstacle course where her babies get their exercise. She answered several questions for us. She sent us videos almost daily of our forever furbaby (beautiful little chocolate Chorkie) that we named "Sarge". When I arrived there to pick him up, She went into great detail regarding, shots he already had and what would be coming due, the food she feeds her babies, and transitioning into his forever home. Even after we arrived home she continues to be there for us if we have any questions or even when we just want to update her on his progress. He is a very happy and rambunctious little puppy and has already brought so much joy to our home. It is wonderful to see my husband smile again, especially with his new shadow. Josie is a one of a kind Angel and is fast becoming a great friend. I will be recommending her to all my friends looking for a forever furbaby to brighten their home and their lives. Josie you truly are a life saver and a gift from God. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Sondra Allen
06-13-2018 8:41:47 AM CST

These precious babies Emmi and Maggie are so smart and loving ... They came home yesterday and it couldn’t have been better ... Josie has been so helpful.. I can’t say enough about her .. she loves these babies and cares about their transition and making it go well !!! She is the best of the best !!!! We love you Grandma Josie 😘

Tammera Beaty
05-09-2018 5:24:44 AM CST

She is the best lovable, cuddly, sock thief, partner in crime, my best friend. I got lucky when Josie aloud me to adopt her and make her part of our family. Love her so much!!!!!’

Anne D’Arcy
05-06-2018 4:30:39 PM CST

Josie is one in a million. Our little Teddy is so happy and healthy. You can tell he's been raised with love! I recommend her without reservation! Anne D'Arcy

04-01-2018 7:47:11 PM CST

Ms Josie is the best. Drove fron North Carolina to get my new baby Ms Rosie. Her home is ckean and babies well cared for.

02-25-2018 9:07:23 PM CST

Josie is a very responsible and knowledgeable breeder. She takes special care of her pups and always takes the time to answer questions, send pictures and videos, and give information on taking care of your puppies. She goes over and beyond! She called my puppy Gracie as soon as she knew what we wanted to call her. By the time we got Gracie, she was eating hard kibble and knew her name and a few commands as well as being potty pad trained. Gracie was healthy and made a very smooth transition. We love the shorkie breed. Gracie is so good with kids - sweet, loving and playful. I would recommend Josie to anyone looking for a puppy.

Rachel Schatzer
02-18-2018 10:35:48 AM CST

I found Josie on puppyfind while looking for a Shorkie. We lost our shorkie back in September and loved the breed so much that it was our only option for our new dog. When I found Josie I was so excited because she was located only 2 hours from my home. I instantly messaged her and joined her Facebook page. I love that she gives constant updates on the puppies and you get to watch them grow. The care an attention she gives her pups is above and beyond anything I ever expected from a breeder. Gizmo is such a loving pup and we couldn’t have asked for anything more. I have had such a great experience with Josie that I will be sending people her way and when we decide to get another pup she will be my go to gal.

Porsha   Porshagbarr22@yahoo.com
02-18-2018 9:29:11 AM CST

I found Josie on puppyfind. When I contacted her I received a response instantly, every question I asked and she answer. She spends all day with her fur babies and get them all genetic testing done. I choose a tiny chocolate boy and named him chase...I received videos, photos, and updates almost daily. You won’t find another breeder like Josie, she’s so good I recommended all my friends and family too her when they’re looking for a new fur baby. I will be coming back to add another to the Bowers family ❤️.

Amanda Bradford
02-18-2018 8:53:15 AM CST

This little baby is already spoiled rotten! I’m so glad we found Joise!! It was a great experience. I would definitely recommend anyone who maybe searching for their forever fur baby. Our little Cozmo is truly amazing and we love him so much!! He completes our little family. ♥️

Lori Vaught
02-18-2018 8:51:26 AM CST

Gramma Josie and her home is the best start for a puppy! She spends so much time, attention, affection and work to ensure each one is socialized and well adjusted. When our family decided we were ready for a new addition we already had heard so much about her. ( her reputation proceeds her) We quickly new Finnian was our baby. She provided regular updates on his progress, growth and personality (as he developed). I will never look to another breeder as she’s proven time and time again that her puppies and dogs are her Joy in Life and she shares that blessing with all of us lucky enough to meet her and become part of the Josie’sJoys family. ❤️

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