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09-07-2022 9:59:16 AM CST

We recently picked up our little Molly from Josie and couldn’t be more grateful!! Josie made sure to keep us updated with pictures and videos while waiting for our little girl to be ready. She truly loves and cares for each and every puppy she has. Don’t know of a better breeder to get a pup from than Josie’s Joys❤️

Elaine Soh   sszelaine@gmail.com
08-30-2022 1:02:03 PM CST

Me and my Godmom both adopt a baby from Josie few weeks ago, this was by far the best experience my family and I could’ve asked for. Josie very kind and helpful, not only she is very professional but also extremely knowledgeable and she’s super sweet, and sends me updates on our pups. Both puppies are beautiful and healthy. I would highly recommend Josie's Joy over and over again! I'll definitely get another baby from Josie again in the near future.

Chandler   Wbill5494@yahoo.com
08-17-2022 8:18:25 PM CST

We just got our 4th baby from Josie, she is the best and so are her puppies. I. Only wish I could have them all!

Kerissa Kaye   Kerissafeuerstein@ymail.com
07-28-2022 9:11:32 PM CST

Forgot to leave a photo! Here is little Willa next to her favorite treat! We are so in love with her. Thank you Josie for filling our house with so much happiness! You are seriously one of a kind!

Kerissa Kaye   Kerissafeuerstein@ymail.com
07-28-2022 9:09:16 PM CST
Just wanted to leave a quick review on Josie. I lost my pup 3 years ago and was not planning on ever getting another until I met my girlfriends dog. I FELL IN LOVE! I knew I needed to fill that hole in my heart and chose to go to the same breeder my gf used…. Josie! I adopted Willa a month ago and shortly after adopted Piper for my parents. They had to put their Yorkie to sleep 5 years ago and also vowed never again would they go through the heartache... UNTIL they met Willa! So I surprised them with Piper. Josie's babies are so loved and absolutely adorable! They were basically potty pad trained by the time they came home (very few accidents) and were the sweetest babies. I can't imagine life without these two! HIGHLY RECOMMEND Josie!!!

Rosalie Fidanza
07-28-2022 7:05:02 PM CST

This is Chloe! I have her a little over 3 weeks now. Josie went above and beyond to get her to me and I’m so grateful she didn’t give up!! I can’t begin to tell you how much joy this precious baby has brought into our home! She is so lovable and smart and that is all due to the nurturing care that Josie and Mary provide to all their babies. Josie posts weekly videos and It was so exciting watching Chloe grow from birth to a big “kid”! Whenever I have a question or concern Josie is always there to offer advice and encouragement. If you are looking for breeder that is not only knowledgeable but truly caring look no further because Josie is by far the best!!

Jan   jeash0401@gmail.com
07-09-2022 10:56:24 AM CST

Grandma Josie is the best! We picked up Phoenix yesterday. He adjusted quickly using the potty pad immediately. He is super sweet and loves to cuddle. This was the best decision. Josie takes great care of all of the puppies and it’s definitely obvious with how sweet and loving he is. She said she is always available for any questions or concerns that may come up. Thanks so much Josie!

Minnie Mouse
06-14-2022 1:49:02 PM CST

With josie the process is just so smooth we love Josie’s joys and are so thankful we got our baby from her and if or when we get a baby again we will definitely be coming back

K. Scheer
06-10-2022 11:50:01 AM CST

Poppy came into our lives one week ago today. She is incredibly healthy,sweet,and smart! We are truly blessed to have her! Josie, we appreciate the knowledge,care,and love you provided for her. You do an amazing job!

Tanya Rillera   tanya.rillera@gmail.com
05-01-2022 11:04:53 AM CST

I have had Zarra just over a week and she is both sweet and sassy. She and Ziggy, another one of Josie’s Joys, get along great and tire each other out from playing. They are both great puppies.

Jo Inman    jo_inman@yahoo.com
04-30-2022 10:16:59 AM CST
We just got our Precious baby girl from Josey. We are so happy. We love her so much. Josey has been a big help with any questions we have. Very good at guiding us in the right direction. Couldn’t ask for anyone better.

Miranda Propst
04-30-2022 9:43:43 AM CST

Josie is the best! The time and love she puts into each and every dog shows. Our Rosie has been home for a couple of weeks and she is doing amazing and is the sweetest girl ever! Thank you, Josie! We so appreciate everything you do for all the pups every day!

Sha’Quna Pinkett   sneakerkween@me.com
04-30-2022 7:50:03 AM CST

This is my beautiful baby Prada. If you’re looking for a new puppy, Josie’s Joys is the ONLY way to go. She takes great care of all her babies. The process for start to finish was very easy. She posts updates on the babies multiple times a week. They are well socialized and spoiled. If I decide to get another I will be back!

Lauren Baker   Laurenbakerm@gmail.com
04-29-2022 10:56:57 PM CST

This is my sweet Chocolate Merle Yorkie named Snickers from Josie’s Joy! He is an entire 4 pounds and just celebrated his 6 month birthday. Josie was amazing during our wait to pick him up and even days after. She checked in on us and gave us extra tips. Snickers is a so loving and so spunky. He plays so much with our lab/Dalmatian mix. Highly recommended if you are looking for a new family member.

Alana and Isaac
04-29-2022 10:32:41 PM CST

Titan (left) and Toby (right) are both from Josie’s Joys! We found Josie on Facebook a little over two years ago, and are so happy that we did. Our experience working with her has been incredible! She puts so much love and effort into raising her babies to be the best. Our boys are so well mannered, and it took little work to potty train as Josie had them pad trained by the time we picked them up. She is always willing to provide advice and answer questions whenever we need it. Another perk of Josie’s Joys is that there is a very active and positive community on Facebook where you can always go to see puppy updates and to put a smile on your face. If you’re a fan of the breed, this is the place to be! We would never consider going somewhere else - we are so happy with our experience.

04-29-2022 10:21:53 PM CST

Andy has only been here for a week but he’s sure made himself at home. He is so smart, he is already using the doggie door. We’ve never had a puppy learn this fast. He is beautiful and loving. We got one of Josie’s Shorkie five years ago and we knew how wonderful she was. So naturally when we decided we need another baby I contacted Josie and she had a Chorkie that was not sold. Now I did want a girl but after seeing his picture. Well we were sold!!! Made the trip to get Andy and have not had any regrets. Josie makes sure these babies are happy and healthy and they are handled so not a problem taking him places. Thanks again Josie!!

Sherry   Smann9329@yahoo.com
03-16-2022 1:10:00 PM CST

Gdma Josie is the BEST! I got my Little Biscuit 3 years ago! I only recommend her. She is the BEST! She doesn’t just “sell” you a puppy. She brings her babies up w care and love! They all come pre-spoiled! 🥰 She has been there for me even after Biscuit grew to be an adult. She loves what she does and she has all these Baby dogs and Mamas as priority! If you are wanting a furever pup, Josie is the breeder to go to! Thank you again Josie for picking me as Biscuits Mama!

Carolyn   bsorbet@yahoo.com
03-16-2022 1:03:59 PM CST

This is Zipper one of Josie’s fur baby’s,and love her .Josie’s is a good and caring breeder. If you’re looking for a fur baby she’s the one to go to ❤️❤️🥰🥰.

03-16-2022 12:35:06 PM CST

This is my second baby from Josie, and I love them both so much! Josie has been there every step of the way and made herself available for any questions or concerns I've had. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a fur baby. Definitely takes absolute pride in what she does!

Darla Barricklow
02-23-2022 10:47:33 AM CST

If you are looking to add a puppy to your family, Josie is the best. I absolutely love yorkies and I have been following a few different yorkie groups for quite some time. I love watching Josie’s puppy videos and she was really good at answering my questions. She really loves her little fur grandbabies and goes above and beyond to start them out right and to assure that you get a healthy baby. She puts the health of the puppies first and that meant so much to me. She is up front with the information about your baby and I love that she sends pictures and videos of your fur baby until it is ready to come home with you. We just got our puppy from Josie over the weekend and are so in love with Roxie! You can tell that Josie and Mary spend a great deal of time with the babies and she has videos showing you how to do things like trimming your baby as well. There is a wealth of information on her website. Roxie is so healthy and happy. Josie has the babies started on using a potty pad and I just can’t get over how well Roxie is doing with that already. I know I will be getting my next puppy from her as well. Hopefully soon You can never have too many yorkies!!!

Jayna Duncan   Jayna.duncan@yahoo.com
02-22-2022 8:11:06 PM CST

After searching high and low for a Yorkie from a reputable breeder I luckily stumbled upon Josie’s Joys and how thankful I am that I did!! We lost our Yorkie in November and our hearts were broken so I decided we needed another one to fill the void. We picked up Meeko at 12 weeks and she has been the best little dog - she has filled the void that we needed. I have had health issues for the past 3 years - my Yorkie that passed was my therapy dog and little Meeko has been wonderful for me. Josie is so good with her babies - they come pre-spoiled and she cares about each and every one of them. I recommend Josie 100% - she answers any questions you might have before and after you receive your puppy. I love my little Meeko and so excited to watch her grow. Thank you Josie for making our family complete again!! ❤️

Julie   Julia.maring@me.com
02-20-2022 1:16:30 PM CST

Wow, where to start? Josie is a blessing to those looking to add a well adjusted, loving and intelligent puppy to their family. She counsels, checks in on them and shows you that she’s with you and her grand puppy every step of the way. She doesn’t just talk the talk she is totally invested in the puppies she produces. She also isn’t afraid to correct your thinking if need be. What a blessing little Twix has added to my life. When people say Josie’s puppies come “pre-spoiled”, they mean it and they’ll capture your heart before you can even get them home! Thank you Josie for delivering all you said you would.

Melissa Lintner   Haydenmd85@yahoo.com
02-19-2022 10:18:21 PM CST

This tiny girl has brought an incredible amount of joy into our home! I appreciate Josie and Mary taking such care of every single one of these little fur babies! Josie kept us updated with Martini’s progress along the way and the day of pickup was a breeze. Thank you so much for all you do not only for these babies, but for all of us who get to love them for the rest of their lives ❤️

Lana Domino   homeapraze@aol.com
02-19-2022 8:40:53 PM CST

I could not be happier with Bella. She is absolutely perfect and has brought so much love to our home. Josie is the best breeder I have ever encountered. My fur baby came already potty trained to pee on potty pads and she was giving me paw. Bella came pre cuddled and loved. Josie is the Best Breeder I have ever met who kept me updated and was so transparent. She actually cares about all her fur babies even after I got Bella I reached out with questions about transitioning food and she responded. When I got Bella spayed I reached out and she replied. She cares about her fur babies and she loves to stay connected to help in anyway. Thank you Josie for the greatest gift ever!

Jessica Wilson
02-19-2022 8:38:50 PM CST

This is my second baby I got from Josie. Josie has always been helpful with questions I may have . I trust her completely as I know she loves and cares for all her babies. I admire what she does on a dad to day basis as I know it's not a walk in the park but she does what she has to do to provide for all her babies. Thank you Josie for my furbaby

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