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Tanya Rillera   Tanya.rillera@gmail.com
02-19-2022 8:36:41 PM CST

I have had my chorkie, Ziggy, for just over a week now and he is the sweetest little guy. I loved watching him grow up through photos and videos that Josie posts in her FB group. You can tell the amount of work and even more love she puts into raising these puppies to be wonderful new members of your family. I have another one of Josie’s jewels coming my way in a few months and I know she will be just as sweet as Ziggy. Josie is very busy, but always makes sure to keep you up to date on the puppies and checks-in to make sure they are adjusting well to their new homes. Josie and Mary are amazing!!

Annette Orlando    aorlando62@gmail.com
01-23-2022 8:39:32 AM CST

I cannot be MORE thankful to Grandma Josie and Mary for my adorable, well adjusted, sociable, smart little jewel💎. I lost m 14 yr old Yorkie in April and was devastated! I did my homework and found Josie’s Jewels and I watched on her site for 6 months before committing to my little Angel 😇. It’s obvious how loving, knowledgeable and committed she is to all these babies! The entire process from choosing my baby girl Joy(eux) Noël 🎄 was impeccable! My fur baby has brought joy and laughter back into our home again! Josie is a true professional and amazing person. I will recommend everyone to her! 💕💕

Tawanna Davis   coolswifey@yahoo.com
01-14-2022 11:45:22 AM CST

Josie is amazing, she lets you watch your puppy grow & answers any an all questions. It was a wonderful experience working with her to get my furbaby . I would refer anyone looking for a puppy that is loved an well taken care of to go no further this is it 💖💖💖💖

01-13-2022 10:14:25 PM CST

I am so grateful for Josie and Mary for helping ensure my experience getting Kendall was so wonderful. Watching her grow, play with her siblings and finally make it home safe and sound is priceless. Josie is the BEST grandma to these pups and I am so happy to be part of the family! ❤️❤️❤️

William Chandler   wbill5494@yahoo.com
11-28-2021 2:55:53 PM CST

We have had Monique for a few months and we absolutely adore her. Josie is the absolute best. We just put a deposit on another little girl. We can hardly wait to get her. You cannot go wrong with one of Josie’s jewels.

11-25-2021 10:04:26 PM CST

I got Oreo from Josie on Nov. 11, 2021. He has been such a joy, loves to cuddle, cute and so smart. I am grateful to Josie for giving me the chance to have one of her babies. He gives my family joy everyday and is such a loving boy.

Mandi   mandiwilson@ymail.com
11-08-2021 9:40:02 AM CST
I've gotten 3 babies now from Josie. My latest is a chocolate Merle boy named Bronx. The love and care Josie and Mary give these babies make all the difference. They are loving and 100% socialized. My babies had the start of pad training upon getting them too. This makes the transition for you as the pet owner easier. You can be sure Josie will do what's best for you baby and takes precautions even before breeding to ensure your puppy will be as healthy and happy as possible. The whole process of adding a new baby to our family truly did feel like q family member being added and not like a transaction.

Cameron Crigler    cameronryanne1998@gmail.com
11-07-2021 10:49:46 AM CST

I watched the Joys page for a long time before deciding to follow through and get a new puppy. Hazel is one of the smartest, sweetest, and well-trained (for 9 weeks old), puppy I have ever had. She rode the 3 hour drive home perfectly, ate and drank within minutes of being home, slept though her entire first night, and has had no accidents! These jewels are AMAZING. We are so in love with our Hazel, and whenever we decide she needs a sibling it will definitely be from Ms.Josie. She has checked on our baby, and kept us in the loop through her entire first 8 weeks. These babies are WELL-cared for, and way spoiled before you pick them up. We had a great experience!

10-23-2021 2:51:01 PM CST

Recently got Gracee. Grandma Josie has been so helpful and available for questions. I am saving up for another jewel. Gracee is a joy as well as a sassy little companion. I love her! Thanks Grandma Josie.

Melissa Compton
10-22-2021 8:34:42 PM CST

My baby girl was born on June 27,2021,she come pre-spoiled, with a great attitude and a wonderful personality!! I couldn't be happier with my decision to purchase my baby girl from Josie Davidson. She is very knowledgeable about breeding and takes wonderful care of all her babies! Josie is a wonderful lady with a big heart ❤!! Thanks again Josie for my precious Jewel!!

10-22-2021 8:23:57 PM CST

We got this beautiful baby from Josie and she already knew how to give me her paw. She is very loving and playful. Josie is quick to answer any questions or concerns. We couldn’t be happier 💗

Debbie LaBombard   Debbielabombard28@gmail.com
10-22-2021 6:07:06 PM CST

Hi I just received my little jewel yesterday 10/21/21. She is perfect an what a personality! You can tell josie puts alot of time an love in these puppies.Every week I received updates about lulu. Josie was great to work with. If anyone is thinking about getting a small dog josie is the place to go. I will definatly be getting another jewel in the future from josie. She is just a wonderful person ! She even tracked lulu 's flight all the way to ny an kept me updated.

Susan willis
10-22-2021 4:59:24 PM CST

I have had my parti yorkie for alittle over 3 weeks she is a joy. Loved her from 1st time srring her. She is very spoiled already. Josie was great to work with,caring and loves everyone of her furbabies. Very professional and always answers and questions and concerns.

10-22-2021 4:47:42 PM CST

This is my handsome boy Chase. He is a Merle Shorkie. I got him from Josie in August of this year. He is by far the sweetest, smartest boy I've ever had the pleasure of loving. Josie puts so much love, care and time into these babies. She makes the entire experience calming, as she post pictures and video updates so we can watch our babies grow. Thank you Josie for trusting me with this bundle of love. I'll definitely be getting another baby. 🤗

J   tam4786@yahoo.com
10-22-2021 4:34:17 PM CST

I went to pick up Goldie in July of 2021, this little girl is so smart, and loving. We go everywhere together. Josie is the absolute best to work with, I am proud to have her as a friend, Mary too!! If I get the chance to get another baby it will be from Josie’s Joys ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Jessica Wilson
10-22-2021 4:19:41 PM CST

Hello this is Kai I got him from Josie in Sept 2021. During my wait time to bring him home she did videos of everyone's baby including mine. Thry were so loved and very well cared for.She is very well engaged in what she does.. Can't wait until we get our next jewel from her.

Janet   jvanwye@live.com
10-22-2021 2:44:54 PM CST

I picked my sweet baby boy up from Josie and was able to see not only both his parents but how her operation is laid out - it’s amazing! Her babies are so well cared for and her grand babies are so loved. They are spunky and personable - you immediately know they’ve been raised with love and attention! I’m so grateful that I found Josie (and Mary too) and that I was lucky enough to be chosen to love one of her jewels! Binx (Cinnamon/Choco)

10-22-2021 2:30:46 PM CST

I got my baby Loki last year in November… He has been such a joy and I’m so in love… I’m so glad she was referred to me! Loki will be 1 years old November 9 so it been a year of love and Joy!!! Thanks Josie ♥️

Emanuel Lopez
10-22-2021 12:29:48 PM CST

I just got my girl Sisu from Josie in October 2021. She is a Shorkie and she is the love of my life. Josie was wonderful to work with and is the most caring Breeder I have ever know. I will definitely recommend her to anyone that is looking for a fur bab

Joann Youkers   joey.youkers@yahoo.com
10-22-2021 12:03:34 PM CST

I got my Callie girl from Josie in August 2021. She is a Yorkie and she is the love of my life. Josie was wonderful to work with and is the most caring Breeder I have ever know. I will definitely recommend her to anyone that is looking for a fur baby, and will be getting another puppy from her

Megan Wenzel
10-22-2021 12:00:06 PM CST

Lola is 9 months old now. During the puppy search I came across many breeders. The only one that answered my call and million questions was Josie. She told me the do’s and don’ts, kept me updated throughout the entire process and was transparent the entire way. I can not recommend Josie enough. When the times comes, I will get another sweet baby from her.

Wayne Simpso
10-18-2021 6:36:38 AM CST

Hank is just over 2 years old. I couldn't have asked for a better person to deal with. Josie treats all her puppies with loving care. Thet already come prespoiled.

Christa Yeager   mommaofseven@comcast.net
07-21-2021 1:30:59 PM CST

Our experience has been nothing but excellent. Our jewel is the sweetest. Potty training has been easy peasy. Ms. Josie is always available if you have any questions or concerns. I would definitely recommend that if you are considering adding a new furbaby to your pack, them reach out to Ms. Josie!

Tia Lipman   tmlipman@aol.com
07-21-2021 1:30:33 PM CST

Stella (Carmella / Casper) She is a chocolate Merle. I have adopted several yorkies in the past, & nothing compared to the wonderful experience that I had getting my little Stella. I had watched Josie’s Facebook website & her webpage for awhile. Once I made the decision to go forward with getting my new addition to our family. Josie made it such a easy process. She does videos so you can watch your little one grow & see the personality start to develop.. she truly cares about every pup that she has including her parent pups! I would highly recommend her for getting your new baby!

Tamara Jones   tam4786@yahoo.com
07-21-2021 8:26:55 AM CST

Love Josie’s Joys, picked up Goldie this past Saturday, working with Josie has been such a joy. She made the whole process so simple, my little Goldie is playful, loving and prespoiled lol. Would recommend anyone seeking and loving companion to get their baby/best friend from Josie’s Joys

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