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09-19-2019 9:53:29 PM CST

I forgot the picture of my beautiful baby girl.

Gennie   Woo.gennie@gmail.com
09-19-2019 9:51:19 PM CST
I've had little Gracie May for almost a month now and I've never been more impressed with the quality of a puppy! She's literally the perfect dog. At times, she loves to cuddle and snuggle. Other times she's super playful and hysterical to watch and be around. When she's tired she'll go over to her bed and lay down. She's like a mature dog that knows the routine except she's a teeny tiny (but mighty) 1.9lb puppy!! She's the smartest puppy I've ever worked with. With a little cooked chicken I'm pretty sure I could teach her to do my taxes lol Potty training was a breeze and she's sincerely perfect in every way. From the first day she came to me, she was confident and not timid. The vacuum, other dogs, a rambunctious 6yo boy, nothing phased her. You can tell she was well socialized and loved prior to coming to me. Even though my puppy is flawless, there's an aspect that impressed me even more; and that would be the breeder. I have dealt with many, MANY breeders in my lifetime and my experience with Josie is 2nd to none. There's nothing worse than anxiously waiting to get your puppy, and those weeks can feel like an eternity. Many times once you pay for a puppy the breeders attention to you dwindles since they already have your sale. Josie sent me a picture or video almost every single day, even after I paid for the puppy and just had to wait until I could get her. Once I picked a name, she called her Gracie in every video and got her accustomed to it. She answered any question I had promptly and never seemed irritated even though I was probably irritating at times lol Once I got her, the promptness didn't stop there. Every picture or video I post on Facebook gets a like or a comment from Josie. It feels much more like gaining a family member and not like a breeder you bought a puppy from. Her love and devotion to her dogs and puppies can't be faked by her, or denied by anyone who's had experience with her. I will recommend anyone looking for a yorkie or yorkie mix to get a puppy from Josie. Cute puppies are a dime a dozen, but if you're looking for a breeder that's one in a million, you need not look any further than the web page you're on. Thank you Josie for the most amazing puppy and the most unforgettable experience.

09-19-2019 9:12:08 PM CST

Josie, thank you so much for my bundle of joy! He’s so smart! Sleeping through the night! Knows his name! Uses his potty pad! Happy, confident and playful! - most important, already loves his Momma! ❤️. So grateful to you for raising good healthy puppies! 💗 Kimberly

Linda Greenwood   lindageewood@gmail.com
09-18-2019 10:34:32 AM CST

Josie is so great with these little fur babies!She is awesome! We followed her Facebook page for a long time before we decided to get our fur baby from her. A friend got 2 from her at 2 different times & had such great experiences. We were in Josie's home & saw the genuine love she gives her babies! She was also great at answering any questions we had. We adore our little Harley & are so thankful for him & for the great lady who gave him such love at the beginning of his life! Thank you, Josie!

kylie cosner
08-26-2019 6:57:55 PM CST

Josie has done a truly wonderful job with all of her puppies. She has such dedication and care for every puppy she sends out, and is always there for the owner when they have questions! She keeps in contact and always makes sure her puppies are doing good, even after adoption! She will answer any questions you have and is very patient! She gives her puppies a great start before they go to their furever homes, and it shows!

Tracey Foss
08-26-2019 6:31:27 PM CST

Josie does a wonderful job with the puppies and getting them to their fur-ever home. She also is so knowledgeable and very open to questions or concerns you may have. I would highly recommend adopting a puppy from her.

Tracey Foss
08-26-2019 6:31:15 PM CST

Josie does a wonderful job with the puppies and getting them to their fur-ever home. She also is so knowledgeable and very open to questions or concerns you may have. I would highly recommend adopting a puppy from her.

Sherry Mann
08-26-2019 4:07:29 PM CST

Thank you Josie for always being there to help me! Thank you for easing my fears when My Little Shorkie Boy had to fly all the way to Idaho! You are so loving, protective and helpful! My Little Biscuit Mann is the BEST pup in the world! That is because of you and your babies! I recommend you all the time to others! Love how a Breeder like you keeps in touch w all of us too! You are the BEST!

Vicky Fisher   vicky.helmig@gmail.com
07-16-2019 9:01:30 AM CST

I am one happy fur mama! I was fortunate to discover Josie from a friend and he was right about Josie and her Joys! Molly Annie is absolutely perfect in every way! I made the two hour drive to Josie's since I am a Missouri resident. Josie takes her babies seriously! Not only is she full of love and it clearly radiates from her, but also she knows what she is doing. She is a breeder with a heart. Molly Anne is very socialized and a complete cuddle bug, but also a little feisty, too! She is accustomed to all of the sounds of home and turning on the vacuum didn't bother her one bit! Nor did running the washer, using a hairdryer... this pup is not skittish at all -- she is very curious about learning our home and does it with such gentleness. She is so calm and completely loveable!! I truly enjoyed this process with Josie. I picked out Molly Anne from a photo shortly after she was born and I was nervous, but Josie assured me that I picked the right one - boy, was she right! Throughout the 8 weeks, I was so in love with her (and her siblings, too). Josie sent me photos and videos of her as well as posted them to her FB page. Every day I would get on there to see if I could catch a glimpse of Molly Anne and I was beaming with excitement and anticipation! Josie has been an excellent resource, too. She checked in the first night to see how Molly Anne was doing and each time I have sent her a message with any questions, she responds quickly! If you are on the fence about getting a baby from Josie's Joys; don't be. You will not be disappointed with your fur baby. Molly Anne is so stinking smart, too! She is potty pad trained and even sleeps through the night cuddled up with me and is a good sleeper! She has been able to hold her bladder at least 6 hours and wakes me up gently when she needs to go. I don't think I have ever encountered a puppy who knows how to do that so quickly! I cannot say enough good things about Josie and her babies. You can tell she loves what she is doing and it is reflected in her babies. I already have several people who have met Molly Anne and want to know more about getting a baby like her.

Rachelle    peacflwrld@gmail.com
07-14-2019 9:41:55 AM CST

These 2 cuties are brothers!! We had been looking for a shorkie breeder online and found Josie but then we saw her parti yorkies and fell in love 😍. Josie has been there for us to answer any questions at any point! She’s a wonderful breeder and we’ve had a few in our time. She understands and is very knowledgeable about her pups and the breeds. She treats all of her pups like her kids! It’s amazing to see! We spent a few hours with her when we picked up our 2 and you would’ve never have known she was a breeder accept for being surrounded by a nursery. And the follow up has been great too!! Making sure the pups are settling in and making sure we are sure on what to do so there’s less stress on everyone. Any time I have a question, unless she’s in the middle of a birthing lol, she responds immediately. Her services are phenomenal and so are her pups!!

07-13-2019 10:08:59 AM CST

Thank you for these sweet babies Everleigh Rose & Rosie

Madison Souza
07-12-2019 9:21:33 PM CST

I was looking for a breeder for at least a year, then I bumped into Josie’s online website and I felt safe and I knew right from the get go that she treated her puppies so wonderfully and I’m saying that because all the breeders I’ve looked up before Josie weren’t reliable and seemed to not even care about the dog.. When I picked my puppy from one of the shorkie litters josie always gave me updates and sent me pictures and always kept me updated about my puppy! Josie is such a wonderful person and I couldn’t ask for anyone better. My little boy is so loving and I can’t get enough of him!

07-09-2019 5:21:38 PM CST

Josie is the best I searched on fb for a puppy 🐶 and thank god I found her ,her puppies are very well taken care of and she is very honest I got to watch my baby Buffy mature in to aseeet little princess with the pictures and videos I will miss the excitement of every day grabbing my phone to see if she put my baby on there but I’m so happy 😁 to have her home I would recommend Her to anyone searching for the right puppy 🐶 thank you Josie you filled my home with joy!

Beth Huff   Elizabethahuff80@hotmail.com
06-09-2019 7:58:41 PM CST

This is S’mores. We adopted her from Josie 6/8/19. The entire process has been AMAZING! She is the 3rd dog that someone in our family has adopted from Josie. All of these babies have been great! We love the newest addition to our family and feel like Josie is also now a part of our family. ❤️ I can not recommend Josie enough.

Julia conover
06-07-2019 5:33:59 PM CST

Hela is the most amazing puppy, she and her big brother are already playing like best buds and somehow she is potty trained! Our hearts our full with our new little addition

Michele Martinez
06-05-2019 3:17:41 PM CST

We rec'd our baby girl Rumi on May 31st! Even before she came home we were in love with her!! So happy I found Josie. She showed a commitment of care and communication throughout the whole process!! I highly recommend Josie! She has so much love and compassion for all her babies!!

Genesis   Gennvp@gmail.com
05-11-2019 10:54:42 AM CST

Omg we are so in love with our little girl! We got Penny as a family pet who’s living with my mom. My mom recently lost her 15 year old Shitzu and Yorkie. Since then she has been devastated. I introduced her to Josie’s Joys and she immediately fell in love with all these babies and decided it was time to get one of her own. Since then we saw Penny (shorkie) and knew we had to have her! She came home yesterday and has been nothing but so loving and so smart! She came already potty trained at 8 weeks old! Josie is the most loving dog person I have ever seen. She really cares for all her puppies. She also answers every single question or concerns almost immediately! I HIGHLY recommend Josie’s Joys!! If we ever decide on getting Penny a sibling she will definitely be from Josie’s Joys!

Theresa   Swair@aol.com
04-30-2019 8:26:24 AM CST

I can’t believe how well Penny did on her ride home and her first night. She’s so well trained at only 8 weeks. I would recommend Josie’s Joy for anyone looking for a small breed dog. I can’t thank you enough for my “Princess “ Penny.

Debbie Benson
03-28-2019 2:21:05 PM CST

This our Rocky that we picked up from Josie last Friday, March 31st. He is such a mini bundle of joy. He rode in the car almost 8 hours and do so well. We love how well Josie takes care of her babies and parents of these little ones. If you’re looking for a puppy do not hesitate to call Josie.

Debbie Benson
03-28-2019 2:20:19 PM CST

This our Rocky that we picked up from Josie last Friday, March 31st. He is such a mini bundle of joy. He rode in the car almost 8 hours and do so well. We love how well Josie takes care of her babies and parents of these little ones. If you’re looking for a puppy do not hesitate to call Josie.

03-24-2019 10:12:06 AM CST

Just got my parti Yorkie naked Spike from Josie and I can’t say enough good things about Josie’s joys!! From beginning to end Josie answered every single question and concern I had, with honesty and in a timely manner. She offered me a payment plan for my guy at my own discretion and I thought it was a wonderful option. She even made special accommodations to get him to me since I wouldn’t be available the Friday he was supposed to come home. Josie’s paperwork is impeccable! Spike is the cutest little spit fire. Complete opposite from my very quiet girl. He came to me basically pee pad trained with a huge bag of food and the blanket with his mommma and siblings scents. He is the sweetest little love and already my daughters best friend. Josie even offered suggestions on placing my daughters shirt in his bed at night (which we did) and it worked! We love our Spike & are so glad we got him from Josie. She came highly reccomended. I live in NYC where breeders come a dime a dozen. However, I really loved what Josie has to offer as far as the weekly updates and continuous support. I highly HIGHLY reccomend Josie’s Joys. If I ever decide to get puppy number 3, they will be from Josie!

Teddy   tedynme@comcast.net
03-08-2019 7:32:08 PM CST

It took me a long time to find a reputable breeder and I never expected to find someone who cared so much about her little babies! Josie is the "Joy" in Josie's Joy's! My beautiful baby girl is a testament to her love and compassion for her babies... She will forever be Lexie's Grand Mom and will always have a place in my heart! Josie, Lexie and I think you are the best!

03-07-2019 9:08:17 PM CST

My baby Finn is finally home. I cannot say enough about Josie Lehman as a breeder, a dog lover, and a friend. She is one of the most caring and honest people I have had the honor to know. To say that she loves her puppies and raises them in the most loving, healthy environment is an understatement. It was the luckiest day when I went online and found Josies Joys!!! If you are looking for your forever furry friend, contact Josie!

02-09-2019 9:44:07 PM CST

I just wanna start by saying thank you to Josie Lehmann! When I started looking for a puppy about 2 years ago I was very particular with what I wanted. I knew I wanted a Shorkie. So I started looking around on the internet and locally, but I was never happy with what I saw! Then I found Josie and as I watched Josie’s posts it became clear, I was done looking!! I found my Breeder...Josie’s Joys! Now, I have the perfect puppy and it was not an easy search! There are a lot of breeders out there and people that think that they are breeders but have no idea what they’re doing with the puppies which then intern you pay for in the end with the puppies temperament and health. It is nice to say I have found a Breeder that actually cares not just about the money but her puppies too and that means everything!! So to make a long story short (or shorter) she was absolutely amazing with me through the whole process, and answered all my questions and worked with me. For example, I changed my mind last minute and decided not to fly out and pick up my puppy and she seamlessly switched it for me and it wasn’t that much of an easy process for her!! I have to say the way she worked with me and the puppy was amazing the puppy got here she was already pad trained obviously not completely but you could tell she had been worked with she was clean, smart, and lovable! Josie does an amazing job with her dogs and it takes a special breeder and person to put in the hard work and love she does to each one of her dogs and she and her pups are amazing !! Thanks so much from my whole family!!! Xoxo Love always, Lexie’s momma

Sally Price Vogler
01-15-2019 9:39:08 PM CST

We first heard about Josie when we saw a puppy a friend had that she got from Josie. We imediately fell in love with her beautiful puppy with so much personality. So we started following Josie's Joys page. We not only fell in love with Josie's puppies but also with Josie. She is amazing. And in no time we had made a decission to get a shorkie. Abbie was born in November and Josie was wonderful. She sent us videos from the time she was born through each step of her growth. This month we picked her up. Josies place was so clean. She works so hard and her place is amazing. She is so knowledgable about everything. Through the whole process she was very patient with us and all of our questions. She had Abbie puppy pad trained, playing with toys and her personality shows a lot of one on one attention from Josie. Can not say enough good things about Josie and her babies. She is the best.

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