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02-25-2018 9:07:23 PM CST

Josie is a very responsible and knowledgeable breeder. She takes special care of her pups and always takes the time to answer questions, send pictures and videos, and give information on taking care of your puppies. She goes over and beyond! She called my puppy Gracie as soon as she knew what we wanted to call her. By the time we got Gracie, she was eating hard kibble and knew her name and a few commands as well as being potty pad trained. Gracie was healthy and made a very smooth transition. We love the shorkie breed. Gracie is so good with kids - sweet, loving and playful. I would recommend Josie to anyone looking for a puppy.

Rachel Schatzer
02-18-2018 10:35:48 AM CST

I found Josie on puppyfind while looking for a Shorkie. We lost our shorkie back in September and loved the breed so much that it was our only option for our new dog. When I found Josie I was so excited because she was located only 2 hours from my home. I instantly messaged her and joined her Facebook page. I love that she gives constant updates on the puppies and you get to watch them grow. The care an attention she gives her pups is above and beyond anything I ever expected from a breeder. Gizmo is such a loving pup and we couldn’t have asked for anything more. I have had such a great experience with Josie that I will be sending people her way and when we decide to get another pup she will be my go to gal.

Porsha   Porshagbarr22@yahoo.com
02-18-2018 9:29:11 AM CST

I found Josie on puppyfind. When I contacted her I received a response instantly, every question I asked and she answer. She spends all day with her fur babies and get them all genetic testing done. I choose a tiny chocolate boy and named him chase...I received videos, photos, and updates almost daily. You won’t find another breeder like Josie, she’s so good I recommended all my friends and family too her when they’re looking for a new fur baby. I will be coming back to add another to the Bowers family ❤️.

Amanda Bradford
02-18-2018 8:53:15 AM CST

This little baby is already spoiled rotten! I’m so glad we found Joise!! It was a great experience. I would definitely recommend anyone who maybe searching for their forever fur baby. Our little Cozmo is truly amazing and we love him so much!! He completes our little family. ♥️

Lori Vaught
02-18-2018 8:51:26 AM CST

Gramma Josie and her home is the best start for a puppy! She spends so much time, attention, affection and work to ensure each one is socialized and well adjusted. When our family decided we were ready for a new addition we already had heard so much about her. ( her reputation proceeds her) We quickly new Finnian was our baby. She provided regular updates on his progress, growth and personality (as he developed). I will never look to another breeder as she’s proven time and time again that her puppies and dogs are her Joy in Life and she shares that blessing with all of us lucky enough to meet her and become part of the Josie’sJoys family. ❤️

Tracie Lovell
02-16-2018 11:28:18 AM CST

This is my Stella the Dorkie. Stella arrived July 2016 and she came to live with me the following September. She is the best dog I could ever hope for. She is so sweet, good with children, adults and other dogs and cats. We walk in the downtown area close to our house and she is a show stopper. I can't tell you how many times we get stopped and asked where I got her. She goes to Target, Lowes and Home Depot with me all the time. I love this little puppy so much and I am thrilled to have her! Thank you Josie for my sweet Stella!

Connie Walker   c_walker2@sbcglobal.net
02-16-2018 10:11:55 AM CST

I cannot tell you how grateful we are to have found Josie! Her dedication to her pups is over and above. We were able to watch our puppy grow up with weekly videos and pictures posted on her Facebook page. The pups are weaned gradually from their Momma and then transitioned to wet then hard food before going home. You can tell from Josie's videos that she pours her heart and soul into her puppies and their care. When we picked up our sweet Charlee, she knew her name, was completely potty pad trained and was the happiest puppy ever. Josie sent us home with a ton of information on caring for our tiny baby, a health certificate and a documented shot records. We were also given a baby blanket with her Mom and siblings scent on it. I highly recommend Josie to anyone looking for a puppy!

Karen Potter
02-13-2018 5:05:15 PM CST

Josie was fabulous to deal with. I seen Winnie aka Serenity on puppy find and I knew she had to be mine. When I went to Josies to pick her up Josie took her time and went over everything with me. She cares very much for her babies. Winnie is a smart loving baby. Thank you so much Josie she is a complete joy. Her brother Remi thanks you too. They are two peas in a pod.

Margaret Spight   maggs2038@gmail.com
02-10-2018 1:59:44 PM CST

We found Josie on the Facebook page. After doing some research we decided to contact her about getting one of her beautiful puppies to add to our family. She had sweet baby is Izzie (now Kara Mia) posted and we fell in love. We are so grateful to Josie for all the hard work, dedication and time that she puts in to her babies. Our experience with her has been amazing and our new little darling is so precious. I would recommend her to anyone looking to add a sweet little furry bundle of joy to their family. I promise you won't regret it.

Penny Barbee   Pennybarbee@gmail.com
01-31-2018 10:31:28 AM CST

I found Josi after having the heartbreak of being scammed online. She is the most caring breeder you will ever find. I now have the most loving beautiful little girl, Princess, that anyone could ever ask for. The whole time Princess was growing up I would receive pictures and videos of through everything. So it was like I was there. Thank you Josi for filling that void in my heart.

12-25-2017 8:47:44 PM CST

I wanted to find the perfect dog and I searched for over a year. In all that time, Josie and her fur babies impressed me more than anyone else! Josie cares for all her dogs, and she walks you through caring for them step by step. She trains them, she socializes them and when they arrive to you, these are SUCH good dogs! We are in LOVE with our dog, Jingle Bell. I've owned many dogs in my lifetime and she is the BEST ONE we have EVER had! I would DEFINITELY purchase from her again and I HIGHLY recommend Josie and her dogs to anyone, especially for the family who is wanting help and guidance!

12-23-2017 4:12:58 AM CST

Josie is the best and I love her if u looking for a puppy she is the best person to get him/her from she loves her fur babies and give them the best care she gave mi the best bday present ever!! I love her

Marla Gibson
12-08-2017 11:44:13 PM CST

I don't think there are enough words in the dictionary to describe how awesome Josie is. The quality of care she provides for her fur babies is like no other. We purchased our beautiful Chorkie, Mya from her and she has been an absolute joy. Josie dedicates time, energy and love to each of her babies and it shows. Mya was very well-adjusted and outgoing from the monent we brought her home. When you purchase a fur baby from Josie, you will not be disappointed.

Brenda Lyon
12-08-2017 1:01:13 PM CST

This is Ellie. Josie flew her out to Utah for us for a reasonable price. She kept us in the loop on her growth with lots of photos and videos. She was a petite little thing when we got her and well cared for. This was my first time buying from an out of state breeder and I was very nervous, especially flying her in, but it was a positive experience all around.

Cherie Ellis
12-06-2017 7:24:49 AM CST

This is Fancy,she's a Dorkie,I got her from Josie in September, she just tired a year on Monday,7 10 17,she is an awesome breeder,& so loving with all her dogs,I highly recommend her!

Pam MacNaughton
12-05-2017 11:16:30 AM CST

If you are looking for a great yorkie, look no further, Josie's are the best!! I got Trinket for her and what a joy she is!

Connie   Meyers
12-04-2017 10:16:41 PM CST
Awesome place to get a puppy. She takes pride in her dogs. Loves and Cares for them as her own while there growing up! Super happy with my Bella I got from her!

Teresa Pierson
11-08-2017 6:57:48 PM CST
I got a precious fur baby from Josie almost a year ago. Our baby is the light of our life. They come pre spoilt and very people friendly. They are very healthy and happy babies. Josie puts her heart into breeding the best. She is wonderful and so are her babies.

Teresa Pierson
11-08-2017 6:57:26 PM CST
I got a precious fur baby from Josie almost a year ago. Our baby is the light of our life. They come pre spoilt and very people friendly. They are very healthy and happy babies. Josie puts her heart into breeding the best. She is wonderful and so are her babies.

Ashley Cochenour
11-07-2017 7:29:50 PM CST

We got our beautiful little dorkie, Poppy from Josie. She is so very compassionate about these babies, and always puts their safety and health first! She truly goes the extra mile for them, and is amazing to work with. As are those who work with her from time to time to help her! We love Josie! Would highly recommend her if you are wanting a new fur family member!

Patricia Lundin
11-07-2017 7:10:28 PM CST
I flew to Josie to pick up my Chorkie. I can't say enough great things about her. Her home and property were very nice (and clean). The animals are extremely well cared for and yes I will say it spoiled. I will definitely be getting my next puppy from her. She treats each as if they were going to be her own. She screens her puppys furever homes very well. She makes sure the transition for the puppy is smooth, they are ready to leave their momma (both of them) and their siblings, she sent me with a bag of food, all the medical receipts, health certification, blanket that belonged to my puppy. Thank you Josie for all that you do bring such love to our hearts.

Brandy Jaquet   brandy.jaquet@me.com
11-07-2017 7:04:37 PM CST

January 17, 2017 we added an adorable little Shorkie to our family. Rylee is a great dog, loves to cuddle, and our vet says she is in perfect health. She loves to eat cardboard though! Sadly we have lost many puzzle pieces to her speed and ability to chew quickly. She also has a taste for checks, and business cards :) She is so smart, and KNOWS where I put things. She can open things, and will scoot her water or food bowls around the kitchen if they are not full to her liking. Her mom was Sugar, and Dad was Prince, and she is just perfect! When we decide we need another puppy we will be sure to go back to Josie! She answered all my questions, sent videos and pictures, and made sure that we were a good pairing. You won't be sad choosing Josie as your breeder!

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