This is how my process works....

Once babies are born I will post a video letting you know the litter has arrived. I do have a waiting list especially for girls and tiny babies. If you would like to be added to the list, I require a $300 deposit. This comes off the purchase price.  Then you get to pick in the order the deposits are recieved.  **I always get first pick*** It doesn’t take long for me to move through the list. You may also just wait and see what I post as it may not be the right timing etc for those on the list. Once I have gone through the waiting list, I will make a post on my Facebook Group page with pictures and the link to my website and that means these babies are available. Usually this is done around 3 - 4 weeks of age. If your truly interested, you will either place a deposit or keep watch. It’s worth the wait for sure! 😉 

On my Facebook group Do not use terms or phrases like how much, available, Price, interested, I want this puppy, adoption etc. Its against Facebooks policy and I don't want to loose my group. Our Facebook group page is located at

2. If you see one your interested in, message me, email me or text or call me at 417-684-7611 so we can discuss it. 

3. Then I will ask you to fill out the puppy adoption form located on this website.  (If you have previously filled one out, I will review it at this time. Our Pricing ranges are also located here on this website.

4. Once that is reviewed and approved - you can then place your $300 deposit (accept puppies $2000 and over require $500) to hold the puppy for you. Until a deposit is placed, the puppy is still available - if you message me and tell me I am going to send you that deposit tomorrow, I am not going to HOLD the puppy for you. If I had a dollar for every time someone told me that and didn’t follow through, I would have a nice savings.

5. Deposits can be placed via Zelle, cash app, Venmo or Apple pay and my info is located on this website.

I do video updates once a week and post on Facebook - or more as time allows so you can watch your baby grow....

Please DO NOT ASK ME TO KEEP YOU IN MIND UNLESS YOU HAVE PLACED A DEPOSIT to let you know about a certain litter or puppy. Some days I get as many as 20 messages. Some of those are inquiries as well as families I have adopted puppies to over the past years and I couldn’t possibly keep up with everyone! Remember, sometimes I am working outside or traveling etc so can’t always jot things down. If your truly interested in adopting one of my babies, you will either keep watch or place a deposit. What I can promise you is a healthy well nurtured baby that’s going to bring you much Joy for years to come!!! 


Waiting List


Cindy Bice - blueberry Merle 

Carolyn sorbet - Chocolate 

Jennifer Owen’s - blonde f or light F 

Barbra silk - tiny baby

Darling Pernod- Tiny tradition F

Sandra Spence- blueberry Merle F

Sheila Cave - smaller G 

Kareya Turner - traditional male

Missy Thomas - small traditional or Parti girl 


Shorkie - closed

Joey Morris - F pick of litter

Sandi Martin - female

Natasha Kunkel