These are the twins - Mickley and Mini. They are working class Dogs lol 





Angel loves Boots

Tinkerbell is cute

This is Angel and she rode all the way to New Hamphire just like this. Yes a little spoilt. :)

Two cute babies and a wonderful Christmas with family

Tinkerbell at Christmas

Angel loves Jamie

Oh yeah who picked the name Angel? Not sure about that one! 

Yes she is still cute.... 

Meet Dudley - He is one of my favorites

The Twins again being cute

I came home and asked who tore up the paper towels. Mini says it wasn't me...... haha

Me and Angel at Niagra Falls

Just worn plum out from a tough day at the office 

I wish I could sleep that sound where my tongue hung out

Ok here is the story. Mini hated vacumes and carpet cleaners so much she would cry and shake even when I put her in the other room so we had to work it out because with the animals in the house I am always doing one or the other. One day we were playing dress up and I just hooked her to the vaccume. Since then it has been on. She runs over and insist I vaccume so she can ride. lol

Christmas 2014


One of my favorite neices enjoying snuggles with Angel......