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Valerie Washington   wasvalerie@aol.com
07-02-2020 12:44:10 PM CST

First......Josie is awesome as a person, and just as awesome as a breeder. She came highly recommended, and I have not been disappointed, from the time I joined her group, I could tell she was a great steward of her calling. When my baby girl Duchess got to me, it was and still is so obvious that she has been loved and cuddled by grandma, which made it easy for me to try to pick up from where grandma left off😊 Josie is simply the best......better than all the rest.......in my Tina Turner voice! To me and so many others she deserves 5 ⭐️ Plus Plus .......thank you Josie💕💕

Jenny Morrow    jennyrichardson72@ yahoo.com
07-02-2020 12:34:48 PM CST

Josie is simply the best! I received unfortunate news about my 13yr old fur baby (not from Josie) I sent a msg to Josie telling her about my situation and that I would love to be considered to adopt one of her beautiful babies. From that moment on, Josie has went above and beyond to help me and make the process go perfectly! I received my baby and she is the most amazing and beautiful, healthy fur baby! I can't say enough about how wonderful Josie is! Being a breeder is her gift and you won't find anyone as great to adopt a baby from! I truly appreciate how much time and effort she puts into each individual baby and the time she takes to update and send photos of your baby! If you're looking and considering a new addition to your family, Josie is by far the best!! We love our Fancy and look forward to watching her grow and continue to amaze us!! Jenny,Freddie and sweet Fancy! 💕

Bonnie Makela   bmakela@hotmail.com
06-09-2020 10:08:32 AM CST

Toby is the light of our life! We received him from Josie in May and he was transported home by Judy and Eddie Winters who took a road trip to pick up Daizy, his cousin, and bring them both home to California. Toby is the smartest and most loving Yorkie puppy ever, thank's to Josie's breeding, care and initial training. She was great to work with and talk to on the phone, and he had his wellness check up, puppy shots, and microchip all done before pickup. The medical and AKC paperwork all came home with him. I highly recommend Josie as an excellent, loving breeder.

Altonette Toran
06-08-2020 8:08:51 PM CST

Josie has giving us a beautiful fur baby! She is very kind and informative. She gets back to you quickly. She posts videos until your baby comes home. She is very dedicated to her babies and takes very good care of them. I am so proud and glad I found her. She is very loving and I would recommend her ten times over if anyone is looking to love a beautiful fur baby. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and bless you for everything you do! Stella Toran will be well taken care of Grandma Josie❤️!

Judy Winters   wintersrvgo@gmail.com
06-03-2020 3:09:11 PM CST

I have been following Josie for about a year and half. The first words that come to mind is Loving,and Compassionate. She considers all her Furbabies as her Kids! She takes time Socializing, teaching their names, and a few commands. She also makes sure to send pictures/videos weekly to the families. and sometimes even more often. Josie prides herself in responding and answering questions quickly. We had plans for our Daizy to fly to California, however due to Covid-19 planes were not flying so we decided to drive 3200 miles round trip to pick Daizy up. We had not even been gone a day when my friend Bonnie seen one of her puppies was available so we ended up bringing 2 puppies home, his name is Toby. I would wholeheartledly recommend Josie as a TOP Breeder if you are looking for a Furbaby. Grandma Josie is # 1🐾🦴❤

Richard Becker   Sammy823@earthlink.net
05-24-2020 7:29:39 PM CST

We just picked up two little yorkie babies from Josie. We couldn’t be happier with our puppies or the whole adoption experience. She kept us involved with photos and videos of our little ones the whole time. She is very knowledgeable and truly loves what she does. As she says, “these are my kids” and she means it! I highly recommend Josie!!!!

Raeven A.   raeveniesha@gmail.com
05-23-2020 9:26:40 PM CST

Josie was amazing I purchased my Merle Yorkie from her. I watched her page for years and admired how she loved and cared for her babies. When he was born she sent weekly videos to show his progress. He came to me puppy pad trained. She checked on us his first day home to make sure he was adjusting ok. I highly recommend her. Such a positive experience from start to finish.

Terrie Cheshire   Terrie.chehire@gmail.com
05-23-2020 12:48:05 PM CST

My daughter drove from Texas to Missouri to pick up a puppy that she did was a traditional that carried Chocolate and Parti. The pup was beautiful and sweet. I had the pup tested for the colors she promised and the results showed she knows her colors. I am very pleased with the hair texture the pup is so easy to keep brushed. I recommend her if your looking for beautiful and healthy pup.

05-17-2020 2:42:08 PM CST

Every puppy that comes from Josie has been raised with love and care. Its obvious when you see how she cares for these fur babies. She is there for you every step of the way once you get your puppy. She is so full of love and knowledge and helps you with any questions that may come up! Josie gives you all the information in writing and has a ton of material on her site to help you get your new baby settled in to their new home. These are tiny babies that have had a lot of love and attention. We are so happy that we found Josie. Within the past 4 months, we have 2 new yorkies and they came to us completely trained. We could not ask for a better, more qualified breeder. We drove all the way from California to pick up our second baby! Couldn't be happier with this new baby. Thank you Joise for being the best grandma out there

05-15-2020 9:50:39 AM CST

Ms. Josie is top of the line! I discovered her through puppy finder. My heart was immediately stolen by one of her puppies. I sent his picture to my husband and he immediately told me to get him! The whole experience was wonderful. Ms. Josie immediately responded to all my questions and was more than happy to provide pictures with my name in them and videos. She is a great support system and it’s so obvious how much she truly loves her doggies. I am so happy we purchased our beloved Nico from her and I will send anyone else who is in the market her way!

Cindy Finney
05-05-2020 4:23:46 PM CST

After losing our furbaby of 13 years in January we decided to wait for a while to get another one. After stumbling across Josies Website on Puppy Find we joined her Facebook page. We watched the videos of the love Josie has for her dogs we knew this is where we were going when we were ready. Well it didn’t take long after seeing all the beautiful pups she was raising for adoption to make the move. Josie was very accommodating in every step of the process. She kept us informed of our puppies progress and sent pictures. We lover our new furbaby and would recommend going no where else but Josies Joys if you looking fo a quality pup and new member of your family.

Kensie D.
05-04-2020 11:10:25 PM CST

We absolutely adore our little Miss Sassy! She is the perfect addition to our family. Josie loves all of her babies and takes such good care of them. Josie was very helpful during the whole process, from answering all of our questions early on, posting videos of Sassy weekly, to checking in with us during our first few nights at home. Josie is always available to answer questions and give advice on her puppies. Thank you, Miss Josie!

Lisa St. Cin Cionko
05-03-2020 11:22:50 PM CST

Here is Miles with his new siblings! He fits right in. I want to say that Josie Lehman is a super lady! Her puppies are her kids! I would highly recommend Josie's Joys to anyone wanting a beautiful puppy from a very responsible, ethical breeder.

Megan   Mrsbdawson@yahoo.com
05-03-2020 5:10:53 PM CST

Josie is probably the best breeder I have ever had the privilege of working with. Her love for her dogs and her babies, her dedication to her business, and her relationship with you long after you get your puppy is unrivaled. I have purchased two puppies from her and I would recommend her to absolutely anyone as the choice of breeder. Her puppies are not only in excellent health, but they come socialized, puppy pad trained, and with the sweetest dispositions that only time and love can give. We love you Grandma Josie!

dburtin@lebanon.k12.mo.us    Dana Burtin
05-03-2020 3:58:49 PM CST

You can tell that Josie loves and cares for her babies. Boomer was already spoiled when we brought him home. He has been a God send getting us through the Caronavirus. He was potty trained to a puppy pad which was a huge bonus.

Debra defonte   Mon3up@ sol.com
05-03-2020 3:03:29 PM CST

I adopted my Dorkies in February . The process was super easy.we were so worried about her flight home but that too was Went so smooth. We picked her up at the airport she was happy and as adorable as can be,thank. You Josie for a great new addition to our family!

Emily Davis
03-28-2020 9:50:30 AM CST

So blessed that I had the opportunity to adopt my sweet Dax from Grandma Josie! He is the perfect piece to complete our family! Jose goes above and beyond for her babies and her compassion shows. She not only kept in contact with me throughout his first 8 weeks but she also checked in with me every step of the way through his flight home to me. He is the most handsome boy and even better than we expected. Thank you so much Grandma Josie for the wonderful adoption experience!

Janeen Rambo   janeenlrambo@yahoo.com
02-21-2020 10:22:28 PM CST

I am so glad I was able to adopt a Josies puppy. She has so much love and compassion for all her dogs! Her Kennel is so clean and maintained and how she opens her home raising and giving so much love to her beautiful puppies, mamas and daddies too❤️ I highly highly recommend contacting her if your looking to adopt a beautiful healthy puppy! I can’t say enough good things about this lady! She’s one amazing Breeder who truly cares about all her dogs and puppies and goes above and beyond to make sure they are well taken care of!! Love you Ms Josie❤️

Amanda   Amrothrock5@gmail.com
02-09-2020 11:17:00 AM CST

We got our puppy, Reese (a Shorkie) in January. Josie was extremely informative through the whole process. Reese is an amazing puppy! She has the best personality, and super cuddly! If we ever do decide to get another puppy, which I hope we do, it will definitely be from Josie!!

Connie   Hello@ConnieWalkerPhotography.com
02-01-2020 4:56:42 PM CST

After having such a great experience with Josie the year before, we knew we wanted to adopt from her again. Another sweet shorkie girl and another great adoption experience with Josie. Again welcoming us into our home like we were family. 5 stars for this incredible lady that gives so much of herself to these pups.

Connie   Hello@ConnieWalkerPhotography.com
02-01-2020 4:47:32 PM CST

After tons of research I finally found Josie and her gorgeous pups. I was able to see photos and videos of my puppy weekly until our adoption day. Josie welcomed us into her home and spent over an hour going over care instructions for having such a small puppy. We'd always had bigger dogs so one this small was new for us. Josie cares about each and every pup in her breeding program and she does her due diligence of screening potential fur parents to make sure they are going to loving homes. I highly recommend Josie's Joys

02-01-2020 4:27:57 PM CST

Josie is so Knowledgeable, Caring & Lovable She truly loves each and everyone of her puppies. She is always there for you before and after you get a puppy from her. Her website is like one big family. They’re the smartest little puppies I’ve ever owned. My little Bitsie was completely puppy pad trained. Has never cried one night. Such a puppy we are truly grateful we found Josie. She’s definitely a five star breeder. Once you receive a puppy from her she will forever be your puppies grandma because she truly cares about each and every puppy.

02-01-2020 4:26:38 PM CST

Josie is so Knowledgeable, Caring & Lovable She truly loves each and everyone of her puppies. She is always there for you before and after you get a puppy from her. Her website is like one big family. They’re the smartest little puppies I’ve ever owned. My little Bitsie was completely puppy pad trained. Has never cried one night. Such a puppy we are truly grateful we found Josie. She’s definitely a five star breeder. Once you receive a puppy from her she will forever be your puppies grandma because she truly cares about each and every puppy.

02-01-2020 4:09:47 PM CST

We had been looking for a puppy for awhile. Just had not found the right fit. A friend referred my to Josie. She is extremely knowledgable and professional and will guide you through the whole process. The most important thing is this is truly her passion. Helping families find the love and joy in their puppies. She takes amazing care of the puppies. Everything is clean and taken care of. Most of all she provides each puppy with love and socialization Highly recommend her if you are looking for a healthy, socialized puppy for your family.

Cindy Deboard
02-01-2020 1:50:06 PM CST

I have been looking for a puppy for a puppy for a while. I watched Josie’s website for a while. I enjoyed seeing people post pictures of their puppies. Finally I decided to just go for it and I got mr Nigel Murray. Josie was great. She kept me updated on him until it was time to fly him out. Then the day he was leaving she texted me several times. She wanted to make sure I got him and that things were going well. She really made it a worry free experience. When I decide to get another pup I will definitely go back to Josie.

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