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Tyese Sims   tyese.sims@yahoo.com
02-01-2021 10:44:06 PM CST

I fell in love with Packer immediately. I loved watching him grow until I physically had him. Born 11-27-2020. Pebbles and Teddy's baby boy. The

Nancy F
01-13-2021 8:26:19 PM CST

Gma Josie is the way to go. I was fortunate enough to stumble upon her because my daughter got a puppy for my grandson from her. Their baby is so cute and my daughter kept talking about how wonderful Josie is. When my daughter saw that Sheldon was available again through no fault of Josie's, she immediately informed me. I am so impressed at the care and advice she provides before and after the adoption. I follow different Yorkie groups and have seen breeder horror stories. It's just the opposite with Josie. Please take the time to compare her contract against others. She truly wants to set up her babies for happy and healthy lives. If I were to ever get another puppy, it would definitely be through Josie.

Karen Mathews   karenhired@yahoo.com
01-08-2021 7:39:20 AM CST

I’d been waiting for the perfect timing to get one of Josie’s puppies! Well it finally happened and we got him home yesterday! He is the sweetest little boy and I couldn’t be happier! Josie is kind and keeps you updated after you apply for a puppy. She also answers any questions you have promptly and kindly. I HIGHLY recommend !!!!!!

Deidra Gunn   dgunn102@gmail.com
01-07-2021 8:19:30 PM CST

I love my little baby from Jose. He came home with all the paperwork he needed from me to get him started with a vet here at home. I had a emergency and was able to contact Jose with no problem. I love that she is always available if need and always willing to answer any questions I may have. I’m so in love with my newish baby.

Jaclyn Scott-Reynolds   alwaystheartist321@gmail.com
01-07-2021 8:27:54 AM CST

I've watched Ms Josie page for a long time bc I wasn't sure from wat I want threw in other groups looking for a fur baby but I am so happy I found her this was the best thing that could happen honestly ive never known someone to love care be honest nd just all around amazing when it comes the these babies her website is so easy to understand I didnt even have ask her anything not until I picked my baby out calling her with all nd any issues I thought I had which I didn't lol because Ms Josie helped me thru everything even at night on her off day she's awesome she even called me when I picked my baby J'Loves up from the airport making sure I had her in my arms ill definitely be coming to her again for our next baby soon

Jennifer M.
01-06-2021 10:28:34 PM CST

Josie is the best of the best and I haven’t found a breeder that even remotely compares to her. I looked for the right breeder for a long time, and she is more than worth the wait. She hand raises all of her puppies, loves them so much from the beginning, and always puts them before herself. When she says she offers a lifetime of support, she means it. She would do anything to make sure all of her puppies go to the best home and are extremely well taken care of. She made the transition of a new puppy the easiest because of her prior life and care. She does truly breed the best dogs with the best personalities and I’m so blessed to have been chosen to be a dog mom for her. This is my Teddy. He is a chocolate Merle yorkie.

Lisa McClelland   lisamcclelland316@gmail.com
01-06-2021 10:01:23 PM CST

Gma Josie is the best. Extremely caring and dedicated breeder. Our new baby boy is perfect. We’d highly recommend her if you are looking for a new fur baby. You won’t be disappointed - promise!

Libby Heinemann
01-06-2021 9:55:41 PM CST

This sweet girl came into my life on August 1. She has added so much joy to my life. Josie truly has the best babies. They are so smart and well adjusted. From day one, she just fit in. These babies are so socialized, she doesn't meet a stranger or another dog she doesn’t love. Josie baby Mommy’s and Daddy’s are a family, always reaching out to give advice, ask question and help others as they can. Josie makes it clear that just because the babies leave her, she’s still part of the picture. I’ve reached out and she’s always been so helpful and kind. If you have any doubt about adopting a Josie baby, you will have nothing to worry about. Josie babies are the best, they will bring so much joy and love into your life.

Tracy Talmadge   tracyt0813@yahoo.com
01-06-2021 9:48:09 PM CST

I was introduced to Josie when I was interested in buying another fur baby . When I say Josie is the best Breeder she is the best. These fur babies are loved and cared for with everything in her. She will also be there for you and her grand babies for years to come and she knows what she is doing. Josie is one of a kind and I am so thankful to have purchased a baby from her. My baby is healthy and happy and she guides you step by step on everything you need to know. Josie is certified and all her babies come with health certificates. Josie is one in a million.

Lysa Ja'chelle   Amjcdj7195@gmail.com
01-06-2021 9:37:30 PM CST
I recently adopted my baby boy Smokey from Ms. Josie. Upon meeting her via Facebook, I knew it was a blessing. She's transparent in everything she does and is just the sweetest, funniest person. The support she offers goes beyond what I expected and what most would offer after they have ur money. But not Ms. Josie, she cares so much about us and most importantly, her babies. I could go on and on about how wonderful she is, but I'm sure u get the picture. If I ever get another fur baby, it'll definitely be from Ms. Josie aka GRANDMA Josie. I recommend her too of course! U get so much for ur money but overall all, u get a healthy, well loved, well nourished, beautiful fur baby!! She's the best!!

Judith Haynie   haynieco1@gmail.com
01-06-2021 9:34:47 PM CST

We just adopted this precious little ball of fire from Miss Josie. Her name is Kate, Possum, Little Beast, and No No! She’s such a feisty, healthy little girl and we are so proud of her! We shopped around to find a good breeder, not a puppy mill and were so impressed with the amount of one on one attention she gives to each of her “little ones” even way beyond the adoption. Josie is always there to answer any questions or concerns you may have. She loves each one of these babies and it shows!

Constance Hancox   constancehancox@yahoo.com
01-06-2021 9:15:43 PM CST

Josie is a wonderful breeder,not only is she’s a great breeder she’s really good with these babies and no’s what’s best for them, she’s available most of the time when you need her for anything. Josie has the sweetest healthiest babies you could ask for.. She’s highly recommend, I’ve been on this Josie journey since August 2020 an love every bit of it ,from post to videos etc .

Cindy Bice   Cindy.cindybice@gmail.com
12-12-2020 8:46:22 PM CST

If you are considering a new baby in your family, look no further than Josie’s Joys. I lost my soulmate, a beautiful dorkie a few months ago. I had looked everywhere for a dorkie or a yorkie, and kept coming back to Josie’s Facebook page., She is not your ordinary breeder. She delivers each litter herself and begins socializing the babies immediately, I even watched the birth of my baby via live Facebook. Besides being genitically tested, each baby is given specialized attention by Grandma Josie. In addition to being so beautiful, my baby is highly intelligent. I believe that to be due to the love and interaction given by Josie from birth. Well worth the wait and the money. My family is complete again, thanks to Josie!

Marcia    77mthornton@gmail.com
12-03-2020 1:18:58 PM CST

If this face doesn’t tell you everything you need to know-I will! Josie was so professional with us and loving to here babies🥰. She made sure we had information on our babes, their momma and siblings. It is seems like you are helping raise your babe as there is always something helping you keep in contact with Josie’s Joys place! Her and Mary are such a great team and take such good care of all the gang! When you purchase a puppy 🐶 from Josie’s Joys you can be rest assured that you will get a puppy that was loved, taken care of and socialized. Thank you so much Josie for doing what you were born to do! Can’t wait to talk my husband into another ne of your babies!

11-29-2020 10:45:59 PM CST

I'm not sure I can truly express how amazing Josie is. These mommas, daddies and their babies are so well taken care of and loved. Just watching one video will show you the love these dogs have for her too. This is not your normal breeder, Josie is SOOO much more. She is so patient with eager parents that have adopted or have made the decision to adopt in the future. Every puppy is cared for and nurtured from the very beginning. I don't believe Josie is in this for money like most breeders are. I truly believe she does it because she loves her babies and wants to share with the world and give every baby the best possible future they deserve. Josie's love doesn't stop when the puppy is picked up, she is always ready to help whenever needed. I don't know how she can be up all night with a momma in labor, keep up with multiple litters of puppies, her entire doggy crew and still take time to check on babies that just found their forever homes, but she is. I just can't say enough good things. If you are thinking of adopting a pup from Josie, you won't regret it.

Kayla Stutler
11-23-2020 6:20:01 PM CST

I have not seen a breeder so dedicated to ensuring the health and well being of her little furry family members, and they are very much family to Josie. Our little Peggy is a fiesty ball of floof that has been a blessing to our family and I'm grateful to Josie for this wonderful little girl. I take comfort knowing she was loved and cared for from the very second she was born.

Penny Benavides    pennybarbee@gmail.com
11-22-2020 8:51:23 AM CST

I have gotten 3 dogs from Josie (so far) and they are the most loving best babies you could ever ask for. They come prespoiled, and I love that part!! She takes the time to spend quality time with each puppy, and who has that much time. I’ve also been through her kennel outside ons OMG how spotless can you get with that many dogs!! I just don’t know how she does it. Now my mom is even getting a baby from her.

Katoyna johnson   Gmom1665@aol.com
11-20-2020 6:13:27 PM CST

4got picture of my beautiful dream

Katoyna johnson   Gmom1665@aol.com
11-20-2020 6:11:31 PM CST
Hi I just recieved my Josie baby 11/19/2020. And I’m in love she came so loved and peepad trained.. Josie is the best so glad I found her.. she send you videos update every week.. never got tired of my dumb questions ., it’s not enough time or space to write what I want to say about Josie .. but just know nobody can find a better person to get your Furbabies from .. my only disappointment was I couldn’t meet her in person”Dream flew out To me...🥰🥰luv me some Josie ❤️❤️

Liliam Machado   liliammachado31@hotmail.com
11-20-2020 9:28:04 AM CST

The best decision ever in our lives was adopt not 1, 2 babys from mrs. Jossie. She loves her job and you can see the love results on all the babies..... thanks Mrs. Josie

11-18-2020 9:24:16 PM CST

Josie did great raising ozzy! He’s a little ball of love. Thank you Josie! I recommend getting a puppy from her! My family has 3 of her babies!

Tajuana Rice
11-18-2020 5:50:49 PM CST

Josie is the absolutely best, most amazing person and breeder. Her patience, attention and diligence in supporting the mom's and babies deserve a Pulitzer prize for heroism, compassion and love. My Jinx was trained and smart. I don't even mind that he is also a sock thief🤣🤣🤣 Thanks Josie for caring for my furbaby❤️

Kathleen Domenico   kdomenico913@gmail.com
11-18-2020 12:38:24 PM CST

I did my research before adopting and chose Josie. I live it Pittsburgh and could have went with a breeder much closer to home but no one was as professional as Josie.

Constance Hancox   constancehancox@yahoo.com
11-18-2020 12:33:21 PM CST

Josie Stays in contact with you threw the hole process of adoption your fur babies, she’s very hands on , she includes you in on everything she does with the babies. Josie let’s you see how she cares for these precious babies, you couldn’t ask for a better breeder, she’s 100 with you threw the hole process an amazing woman.I’m glad I choose her an she chose me as an adopty fur parent,

Constance Hancox   constancehancox@yahoo.com
11-18-2020 12:22:04 PM CST

Josie is the best breeder you could’ve asked for, She knows her babies, she’s not only a breeder she’s a caring person, she offers a life time of support. I highly recommend josie for all your Yorkie needs 🐾❤️❤️

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