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Tajuana Rice
11-18-2020 5:50:49 PM CST

Josie is the absolutely best, most amazing person and breeder. Her patience, attention and diligence in supporting the mom's and babies deserve a Pulitzer prize for heroism, compassion and love. My Jinx was trained and smart. I don't even mind that he is also a sock thief🤣🤣🤣 Thanks Josie for caring for my furbaby❤️

Kathleen Domenico   kdomenico913@gmail.com
11-18-2020 12:38:24 PM CST

I did my research before adopting and chose Josie. I live it Pittsburgh and could have went with a breeder much closer to home but no one was as professional as Josie.

Constance Hancox   constancehancox@yahoo.com
11-18-2020 12:33:21 PM CST

Josie Stays in contact with you threw the hole process of adoption your fur babies, she’s very hands on , she includes you in on everything she does with the babies. Josie let’s you see how she cares for these precious babies, you couldn’t ask for a better breeder, she’s 100 with you threw the hole process an amazing woman.I’m glad I choose her an she chose me as an adopty fur parent,

Constance Hancox   constancehancox@yahoo.com
11-18-2020 12:22:04 PM CST

Josie is the best breeder you could’ve asked for, She knows her babies, she’s not only a breeder she’s a caring person, she offers a life time of support. I highly recommend josie for all your Yorkie needs 🐾❤️❤️

11-18-2020 11:43:31 AM CST

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 I picked up Onyx on 11/13/20 at 8wks of his birth he is 1 of 3 pups from Thelma n Choco...has Thelmas colors n Chocos white marks on head chin n chest.. just adorable!!! From day of birth Josie was inclusive and transparent with videos and pics and was very professional...above all loving n caring of all litters born that week..when i picked up Onyx she nothing but nice informative and we left with a goodie bag for my new pup..if you're looking for a healthy small breed yorkie purebred or designer pup she is the best n convenient that i have come across...adoptions are smooth...wait tine was lengthy because she is a hot commodity breeder and the litters are so small at times but all well worth the wait..100%

Jennifer C.
10-19-2020 6:35:52 PM CST

I picked up Aubrey back in September. She is one of Dora and Kingsley's litter from July 12th. She has been an absolute Joy since the moment I picked her up. You can tell that she was always handled and was always given affection. She is easy to let you brush her and clip her nails and is always ready to curl up on your lap and take a nap. She greets you with a wagging tail and kisses even when you've only been gone a few minutes. She is a perfect combination of sweet and sassy. I have a slightly older puppy that she takes no baloney from. She is perfection in so many ways and we adore her. If you're looking for a puppy, you've found the right place; you've found the right breeder. You will not find a more living and caring breeder. Josie is the best. I had to go pick up Aubrey because there was no shipping going on at the time because of covert. I flew in from New York City and my trip was riddled with hiccups. Josie was very accommodating, and very understanding with my late arrival. Knowing that my travel plans have changed and I was going to have to spend an extra night in Missouri, she made sure that I had enough nutrical for Aubrey. She even checked on us a few times during our drive from her place to our hotel which was about three and a half hours and again during our flight. She cares about these puppies long after they've left her and she cares about the new families that she's brought together. She makes time to answer any questions you may have. She's Aubrey's Grandma, and she takes that role very seriously. She supports you for life.

David    dcmortgage1@gmail.com
09-08-2020 10:52:22 PM CST

After reading several reviews and Facebook comments from people who have got their puppies from Josie we decided we to would select a puppy from her. We are so grateful we did Josie has helped us every step of way patiently explaining everything. She provided items we needed for the trip home. After we got Chief home she continued to follow up with and walk us through feeding, vitamins, worming meds. She even took the time to make me a personal instructional video because I was concerned about one of his ears staying up. Josie is the best I cannot say enough good things about her and when it is time get a little girl I will not look anywhere else. Thanks Josie!

Amanda Perez
09-07-2020 4:10:25 PM CST

Meet Benny! He is a Dorkie! He is Gracie and Caspers Merle boy. I picked him up on September 5th and he is an absolute delight! My family and I are in love! Josie is such an amazing breeder to work with. She is extremely informative through the entire process and even after wants to stay in contact to help. She truly loves what she does and it shows! I would highly recommend her to anyone! 10/10

Kimberly Bushman   kimberlybushman555@yahoo.com
09-07-2020 10:57:16 AM CST

Giovanni (Gio) has brought so much happiness and joy in my life! He is the sweetest little puppy ever! I could not believe that he was already potty trained when we brought him home! Josie is truly one of a kind! She gives so much love and care to all her fur babies! I am also thrilled at the the support she gives you even after adoption. Josie has been there right away and answers all of my questions and concerns!!! Josie’s Joys is truly the best breeder I have ever seen! 🥰

Tabatha Gleason
09-06-2020 8:26:43 PM CST

Honey was the perfect addition to our family. She’s already using her potty pads, eating well and sleeping in her pen with no fuss. Never adopted a puppy who has had such few issues adapting to their new life

Sabrina M   Sabrinamo97@yahoo.com
09-03-2020 3:23:25 PM CST

5 STARS. Josie was a pleasure to work with since day 1. I adopted Theo (Sadie & Twinkster’s parti boy) the day he was born. Josie updated us weekly with photos & videos of our pups. It made me feel like I was a part of the first 9 weeks of his life, before I ever met him! The pick up process was simple & easy. If you are driving, it is a beautiful ride. Josie checked in & continues to check in to make sure her grand baby was settling in OK. She has answered all of my questions & hasn’t made me feel goofy for asking any question big or small. To me, it was important that I found a breeder that LOVES her babies. I can say with 100% certainty Miss Josie loves all of her babies! I decided to drive states over to get a pup from her because I truly believe the care they receive is top notch. I would love another one of Josie’s Joys in the future

Brandon (Emma Mae)   brhodes1992@icloud.com
08-31-2020 11:36:09 AM CST

truly blessed is the best way to describe meeting josie. she has made my little family whole again with one of her beautiful puppies. josie is hands down a rare gem in the breeding community. these are her pride and joys. i’ve only had our baby one day and she’s checked in to make sure we got home safe and again in the morning to make sure the night went ok. 10/10 on every aspect of this adoption process. it’s no wonder these puppies turn out so perfect, because they are raised by a beautiful soul. our family has found friendship with josie, and she will be a part of our life forever! thank you josie for being you ❤️

Libby Garst Heinemann
08-15-2020 8:39:43 PM CST
I picked up my sweet baby on August 1st. Gracie May is much more than I could have imagined, sweet, sassy and very socialized, Josie is the best breeder you will ever find, when you get a newborn baby, Josie takes regular pictures and videos. The babies are healthy and beautiful. What I like about Josie is that she doesn’t jus turn over a puppy to you, and forgets you, she turns over a puppy that will always have a forever home and love. She cares deeply for all her babies. They forever have a place in her heart. 💕

Janet VanDyke   jvandyke73@gmail.com
08-13-2020 6:59:29 PM CST
I recently adopted our fur baby from Ms. Josie. I was searching forever to find a puppy and was almost scammed several times. Someone from a different site put in the direction to come to Josie Joy's and I didnt have to look no further. I was a little skeptical because what I went through and all the wonderful people in the group assured me she was the best. And when I tell you I agreed %100!!! Josie loves all her babies and keeps in touch with every single one! She is such a kind hearted woman and whoever comes in contact with her will agree as well. Everything was professional and with in a mater of a week we had our little Peanut delivered to us....it was love at 1st sight 🐾🥰🥰🥰. We loves watching her videos and our little one gets so excited when he hears the other pups and especially grandma Josie's voice. She is there to answer any questions and recommends anything to assure our baby is in the best health. You rock Josie and I'm forever grateful that I can now call her family! We love you! 🐾🐾❤❤❤❤

Robert & Mary Syslo
08-13-2020 6:05:59 PM CST

Finding Josie’s group was the best thing our family ever did next to adopting our precious Dorkie - Nugget from her. We were able to see first hand all the love Josie gave to each & every one of her babies & all of the positive posts by all that were blessed enough to have one of her precious babies. She is honest, loving, caring and an all around wonderful selfless person. She is always available & is transparent with her inspections ...how she raises her babies ...and the entire process from the minute a baby becomes available until you have that precious gift in your arms... oh wait ... and even AFTER they are in your home. We just don’t know how she finds the time for everything & everyone of her fur babies parents. She is their grandma from the minute they are born & never stops. Look no further...you will never find another breeder like Josie ❤️ We thank God every night that we found her & she chose us to be Nuggets parents. We won’t hesitate to adopt from her again 🥰 Forever Grateful~ Bob, Mary & Ava (Rosie Posie & Little Nugget) 😘

08-13-2020 6:03:21 PM CST

I recently adopted a parti-Yorki from Josie. This baby was potty pad trained. He has slept all night since I picked him up. I attribute this to the blanket she sent with mom and litter mate scents. This baby is so cute and smart. I highly recommend Josie's joys. She is a caring breeder.

Ishyia Briscoe   ishyia45@gmail.com
08-13-2020 10:08:29 AM CST
Hello everyone I am a college student who has been looking everywhere for my furever baby 🥰 When i came across this group I was nervous because people have tried to scam me. Josie on the other hand replied at reasonable times , had pictures, a verified license and website, and of course reviews ! I knew instantly this is where I would purchase my baby. I have not received him yet but when I do I will post pictures. The payment options were outstanding and Josie is a very good person to work with 🥰

Christine Lampley   clampley12768@gmail.com
08-13-2020 6:31:21 AM CST

We adopter our little Buster (now 5 mos old) from Josie. It was an amazing experience. He kept us posted on his growth and weekly pictures. She is his grandma and continues to love him. You can not go wrong with one of her amazing babies.

Janet Bidwell   Janetken45@yahoo.com
08-12-2020 10:49:42 PM CST

Ms Josie is the most caring,loving person I have ever had the pleasure to get to know, she is a beautiful lady inside and out!! I will always be grateful for my fur baby peanut

Liliam Machado
08-12-2020 10:25:47 PM CST

This is our gourgeous baby boy webadoptednfrom Mrs.Josie and it has been the best experiencia we ever had. We recomendado her 1000% she is the perfect grandma for all her babys

Lauren Sanders   lauren.sanders0311@gmail.com
08-12-2020 10:25:40 PM CST
We got our baby from Josie a couple of months ago, and I must say it has been the BEST experience. You can tell all the love she puts into her babies. Our boy has been the best addition to our family. My mom is getting one from her in about a week, and we couldn't be more excited! She made the process so easy from start to finish, and really made sure our baby was healthy and happy for all 8 weeks he was with her. She even has a group on Facebook with lots of support and you can see your baby's siblings grow up too! I won't get another dog from anyone else!

Cathie Gaffney   cgaffney59@gmail.com
08-05-2020 1:15:29 PM CST

Waited over three months to get my little girl and it was worth every minute!  Josie posts when puppies are born then posts pictures of them as well as videos so you get to watch them mature into the cutest little furballs.  She keeps her pens spotless and each puppy gets the utmost care until they leave for their new homes.  Their health care is practically complete - Raven only needs one more booster then her rabies shot.  All worming has been done along with ear mite prevention and Coccidia prevention.  These puppies are the epitome of health!  As for cuteness, well pictures just don't do them justice!!

Carlene Gray   carlyg00@aol.com
07-10-2020 11:54:31 AM CST

Let me start by saying, it had been almost 17yrs since I had adopted my last yorkie girl. Losing her was so difficult and I never thought I could get another baby, however I came across Josies webpage and decided to join to just see what it was all about. I simply could not see someone so loved and respected by so many puppy parents.My curiosity got the best of me, could this lady really be for real? You hear so many horror stories about breeders and people being taken advantage of... Well to make a long story short, I sit here with my Daisy Monroe months later with not a bit of regret! This little girl and her amazing grandma (Josie) have filled what was a hole in my heart. I not only gained a perfect fur baby but a respected, knowledgable friend and extended furbaby family! #blessedbyjosie

Tamara Hudzik   tammybourland@gmail.com
07-10-2020 10:26:06 AM CST

I can never thank Josie enough for perfect little baby. The care she gives to her pups is just top notch, the care for her moms before, during and after is just amazing. These pups are her family and it shows. She kept us up to date on all our puppy info and posted pictures and videos so we could be part of her growth. Shes answered all our questions and has been fantastic to us throughout this process. Josie doesn't leave you once you get your pup she is there to help with any questions you may have for the life of your pup. Josie is now part of our family.

Valerie Washington   wasvalerie@aol.com
07-02-2020 12:44:10 PM CST

First......Josie is awesome as a person, and just as awesome as a breeder. She came highly recommended, and I have not been disappointed, from the time I joined her group, I could tell she was a great steward of her calling. When my baby girl Duchess got to me, it was and still is so obvious that she has been loved and cuddled by grandma, which made it easy for me to try to pick up from where grandma left off😊 Josie is simply the best......better than all the rest.......in my Tina Turner voice! To me and so many others she deserves 5 ⭐️ Plus Plus .......thank you Josie💕💕

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