Puppy Adoption Application - Please read my contract for purchase before submitting your form. https://josiesjoysandmore.com/c0ntract-for-purchase

**Note: Please check with us to make sure we received your form AND TELL US WHICH PUPPY YOU ARE INTERESTED IN!** Some IP addresses are blocked by the server so if this happens you can email us the information but please put adoption application in the subject line. 

Please include name, Address, phone number and email address - this information is needed for health certificates and microchip enrollment! 

Name, Address, & Phone number & Email adress:

If you rent, please give the rules governing pets and do you have the landlord’s permission? :

I understand all Holding fees are non-refundable if I change my mind::

Do you have time to provide adequate love and attention? Does anyone in the family have a known allergy to dogs? :

What other pets do you have (specify type and number) and are these pets up to date on vaccines? :

Have you every surrendered a pet? If so, why?:

I will provide the puppy with quality dog food, fresh water, indoor shelter, affection, and vet care. :

Do you agree to contact us if you can no longer keep this dog?:

I agree to the contract for purchase. I will read the Caretaking document. All puppies are being Sold as pets (Not for Breeding) unless discussed in advance. :

Please describe how do you discipline your pets and why?:

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