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You Honey
05-18-2023 9:10:08 PM CST

I got Choco Chip (dark brown and white) Yorkie and Latte (chocolate brown) Yorkipoo, it was a chaotic day but seeing their beautiful faces was a joyful time. Josie is a very kind and knowledgeable breeder. She cares about her fur babies and provide new owners with dogs who are very socialized and have amazing personalities. Josie’s Joy is reliable and you get support for life.

Linda Roberts    linny45@att.net
04-17-2023 7:45:18 AM CST

I adopted Linus/Bondo, a chorkie from Josie. She's an amazing, patient,organized, loving breeder! My puppies transition was easy. I'm addicted to her weekly videos!He came with a puppy package and pad trained. I recommend her to all my family and friends. Thank u Josie for everything!

Jessica Niemeier    Niemeier0426@yahoo.com
04-16-2023 2:21:13 PM CST

Josie and her babies are the best! She has gone above and beyond for our family, and I couldn’t be more grateful! We have received 2 of the best pups from her. Thank you Josie for all that you do and all the families you bless!

Holley and Rhonda Harrell
04-15-2023 8:16:41 PM CST

We were blessed to receive Romeo and Princess from Josie. We couldn’t have been more grateful and appreciative for the dedication and love Josie shows for each and everyone of her pups. Knowing that we can contact her with any questions or concerns makes the transition less stressful. Romeo and Princess is bringing so much joy in our life’s. Forever grateful for Josie!

Sarah Jackson   sajackson12@yahoo.com
04-15-2023 2:18:48 PM CST

We adopted two sweet babies from Josie and I could not say enough good things. The love, care, and time she puts into her puppies is apparent every step of the way. The lifetime breeder support is so comforting when bringing these little babies home. Josie made sure to educate and inform new puppy parents to ensure that everyone was ready to welcome their babies home. Our puppies are perfect, healthy, and adjusting so well, and it’s because of the love and care they received during their first weeks of life. I’m so glad we were patient and waited to choose Josie’s Joy puppies!

Steven and Shana
04-15-2023 12:15:50 PM CST

Josie's babies are the BEST! Louis Vuitton is our second baby from her, and already we just love him. Josie knows her grandbabies. I love everything about her. Thank you Josie!

Debbie Willey   D.willey@aol.com
04-15-2023 10:47:47 AM CST

This is our Raney! She’s a shorkie, party Merle! We love her soooo much. Josie made it so easy to adopt her, she was all ready to go, with her care package, all of her records,she is so organized. We would definitely recommend Josie for adopting. Even after we got home the communication is great! Love the face book community, everyone gets to share their pictures, and adventures! ❤️❤️❤️

04-15-2023 8:02:38 AM CST

I've been following Josies Joys for almost 3 years, initially looking for a puppy for my mom. My senior Shorkie (not from Josie) was diagnosed with cancer at Christmas and I knew he wouldn't be here much longer, so I just got this wonderful and smart puppy(was Titus, now Kobe). The process went smooth and Josie had everything organized and ready to go for his pickup. I would definitely adopt a puppy from Josie again. I'm especially thankful she's available for any questions I have, which is amazing. She also included food, a blanket, some preventative meds to help with the transition, tips on how to get them to eat if they're not eating and he's already microchipped too!

04-14-2023 6:48:44 PM CST

This is my first puppy from Josie and the process was simple and straight forward from the updates to the travel process and I will definitely be coming back in the future for my next family member.

Rochelle Tinsley   shelleytinsley@yahoo.com
04-03-2023 7:00:43 AM CST

I have watched Josie's videos for several years. I knew someday I would get a puppy from her, well, I picked Sienna (now Lexi) up last Thursday. She's so well socialized, beautiful coat, and has not had one accident in my house! My family is so in love with her. If you need a recommendation Josie, you are top breeder in my eyes. The love and patience you show for these puppies is unreal. Thank you for all you do!

Vickie L Minzel   vickieakahpmom@yahoo.com
04-02-2023 10:47:04 AM CST

I got 2 puppies from Josie. Snickers is 8 months old and we just picked Spencer up. If you get a puppy from Josie, I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Even after you bring your puppy home and if you have a question, she will be there to answer any questions you may have. I've even asked her questions on my 8 month old Snickers and she was there for me. I appreciate all her hard work to give a fur baby to a family. I would recommend her to anyone. You won't be disappointed.

Vickie L Minzel   vickieakahpmom@yahoo.com
04-02-2023 10:47:01 AM CST

I got 2 puppies from Josie. Snickers is 8 months old and we just picked Spencer up. If you get a puppy from Josie, I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Even after you bring your puppy home and if you have a question, she will be there to answer any questions you may have. I've even asked her questions on my 8 month old Snickers and she was there for me. I appreciate all her hard work to give a fur baby to a family. I would recommend her to anyone. You won't be disappointed.

04-02-2023 9:17:19 AM CST

I am extremely EXCITED to finally have a josie baby josie does such an AMAZING job with all of her pups i love benji he is already becoming a part of our family he fits right in ! 🥰🥰

Katie Stepan
04-01-2023 8:08:24 PM CST

I am BEYOND elated with my chorkie pup and my experience with Josie. Josie has been readily available throughout the whole adoption process and continues to be a great resource post pick up. The love and care she puts into her dogs is amazing. THANK YOU for my healthy happy little guy!

Candy King   cking7565@gmail.com
04-01-2023 8:06:55 PM CST

Absolutely the best at what she does! Our little Theo is perfect. Josie absolutely loves all these little ones. Everything went so smoothly! 10 stars!! One more thing you will never see a better kept kennel.

Diana Coale   dianacoale819@gmail.com
04-01-2023 5:33:16 PM CST

Abigail Hope is our first baby from Josie and the entire transaction was perfect. She loves her babies like no other and they are so well cared for. The transition to our home went well with all the information given by Josie and she is 100% available for any help needed. Highly recommend! Everyone needs a baby (or two) from Josie!

Kim Robertson   stargazin3955@icloud.com
04-01-2023 1:58:08 PM CST

This is my second baby from Josie’s Joys! He’s absolutely perfect and we are so in love with him! I appreciate Josie and the love and care she puts into every pup. He came pre spoiled and loved which I thoroughly appreciate! When she says she gives ongoing support she really means it! She doesn’t stop caring about her pups once they leave her and that really means a lot to me.

04-01-2023 1:56:03 PM CST

Thank you for all that you do Josie, you definitely go above and beyond for your fur babies and their adoptive families. Elvis and Presley are definitely a part of our family now and do something everyday to entertain us. They’re attached to my hip and have to be right with me at all times, which I love. If you are looking for a Yorkie and you’re worried about being scammed by someone trying to sell puppies on the internet, look no further. Josie will make your experience the best one you can imagine. Look at all these awesome reviews. She’s the BEST!

04-01-2023 1:16:50 PM CST

I purchased a beautiful yorkie from Josie. She is an impeccable breeder who nourishes and loves her fur babies . Barbie Doll is so smart and goes potty on the wee wee pad. I am so glad I purchased my girl from Josie. Looking forward to purchasing two more girls from Josie. I will definitely recommend her to anyone I know looking for a yorkie.

Pam Klee   psklee@sbcglobal.net
03-29-2023 11:30:19 AM CST

We brought our puppies home March 3. The entire adoption process was totally painless. Josie is a very experienced breeder. Communicating with her was easy. She is very knowledgeable, answers questions and educates where needed. She really cares about the puppies well-being and worries until all is well. She is a hard-working woman!!! As for the puppies, they are a delight!!!! Of course, they are very busy and mischievous, but sweet and cuddly as well!!!! Thank you Josie, we appreciate all that you do!!!!

Roxanne Cobb   roxannelcobb@gmail.com
03-05-2023 12:57:59 AM CST
Tucker is a joy to have. He is a happy playful puppy and my other two shorkies love him. He has work to do regarding potty training though. Tucker is very playful and quite attached to Mommy. Thank you Josie for a healthy puppy who is happy and healthy. There were no issues with getting Tucker and Josie was very professional. I am addicted to her web site even though I cant hgv ave another. I would definitely recommend Josie.

Cindy S.
03-04-2023 8:03:14 PM CST
I adopted a Yorkie, Ivy Rose 🌹 2 weeks ago. You can tell she was well cared for and socialized. My vet said today that she’s in great shape. She is just full of spit and vinegar and thinks she’s tough with her growling. On Day 3 she figured out how to escape her play pen!!! Lol. Josie was available on a Sunday for a question I had and it’s obvious she loves her dogs. I highly recommend her for your next little bundle of fur.

03-04-2023 6:57:51 PM CST

If you are looking for a loving, caring, supportive, hands-on breeder Josie IS the one. She listens to your wants/needs, is patient and compassionate about pairing you with the right puppy and provides guidance to you for transitioning after you receive your jewel. Our Gracie is a giant love bug in a tiny package. Day two of having her home and we are truly amazed, and she has surpassed our expectations. Josie thank you for all you do for us parents, for the love and dedication to each and everyone of your babies- you are very much appreciated ❣️

Valerie Brock   valdb70@yahoo.com
03-04-2023 5:44:46 PM CST

Josie’s babies are just amazing! The care and loving these babies get from her is priceless! I have been following Josie for at least 5 years. We lost our Chorkie in 2020 and finally decided we were ready. Max is the sweetest spunky little Chocolate Merle Yorkie we could have asked for. Thank you Josie🥰🥰🥰

Niajah Quarles   niajah1990@yahoo.com
03-04-2023 5:06:50 PM CST

Sydney on his Daddy while driving going to get ice cream we love us some him

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