If for some reason you need to return your puppy, travel cost are your responsibility. Once the puppy is re-homed, we will return the money to you (minus our expenses and Deposit). If your returning due to a training issue, we will ask that you seek a professional before returning. We also offer life long support for each puppy we place and there is no question or concern not important enough for us to answer. We take pride in our puppies and hope to build a relationship with you so we can see them as they grow up. We love picture updates and appreciate you taking the time to send them to us or post them on our facebook page. They mean a lot to us since we spend a lot of time with the babies before they reach you!

As a breeder there are a few things that I can not and will not guarantee due to the fact that I know its impossible. 
1) Size. While we do have charts and parents sizes to go by, that is no guarantee.  Its an estimated guess. I have bought them and they get bigger than the charts say, then I have also had them only get half the size it said.
2) Coat color/ Eye Color- I cannot guarantee the color of a dog that is known for changing  colors for at least the first year and a half to 2 years of its life. The same with eyes. Some may start out green or blue and change to brown or vise versa. 
3) Ears. Some stand. Some don't. Just because they are up not does not mean they will 6 months from now. Now you can work at it if they start to droop and make most babies ears stand and I can certainly help you with that. 
4) That a puppy will be completely potty trained at 8 weeks. It is impossible to fully train any puppy by 8 weeks of age. Let along an entire litter!
5) Deposits are non transferable and non refundable. Please be sure you want the puppy before placing your deposit. 

I pride myself on being honest and try my best to make sure that my extended fur family (buyers) are happy with their babies. I cannot do that by intentionally making broken promises. 
Please do not ask me to guarantee these things