All holding fees are non-refundable so please make sure you are ready to take on the commitment before placing a holding fee/deposit. Until a deposit is made, the puppy is not adopted and still available. 

 All puppies will be up to date on shots 
and worming before they leave us... They come with a health certificate and health guarantee. All puppies are microchipped. I pay for the microchip and getting it implanted but I do ask you to pay the $17.50 for lifetime enrollment in AKC’s Reunite Program. All puppies come with a puppy package including food to get you started and a blanket with mom's scent on it to help with the transition from my home to yours. I also offer lifetime support for all my babies. Parents are health tested and genetically tested to ensure a
healthy puppy for years to come.

 If you are unable to pick up your puppy, we can fly the puppy to your nearest international Airport. We can also deliver to the St. Louis airport if this is closer to your location. Please see our flying/transportation page for additional information at


We spend our time with our babies instead of posting picture Updates and videos here, so be sure to visit our facebook page and group for the most up to date pictures....

Click on picture to view it large

Macy and Kingsley's Yorkie Babies

She is a beautiful Chocolate girl. According to the growth chart, she is charting between 4 and 4 1/2 pounds. She is $1500 ADOPTED 

She is a beautiful Blue Merle and according to the growth chart, she is charting between 5 and 51/2 pounds. She is $2000 ADOPTED 

She is a beautiful Blackberry Merle and according to the growth chart, charting in the 4 pound range. She is $2000 ADOPTED 

He is a Chocolate Merle and according to the growth chart, Charting to be in between 3 1/2 and 4 pounds. He is $1500 ADOPTED 

Lady and Casper's Baby Parti Yorkie Boy

Meet Rocky...This is a precious little guy.. He is a tough little guy that was born a little early weighing only 2.2 ounces. He was able to latch and get that much needed colostrum from mom but was supplemented due to his size. These babies always end up being special because of the early human interaction. He does have a full tail. He is $1000 ADOPTED 


Bella and Choco’s Yorkie Babies

She is a little Dainty baby with a white stripe on her forehead that will be stunning in a top knot. She is $1400 - ADOPTED

This precious baby girl is beautiful! She is $1300 ADOPTED 

She is a little girl! She is $1400 ADOPTED

I love this baby girls dark color. She is $1400 ADOPTED

This is a little guy. He is $1000 ADOPTED

This precious boy is a little bigger but will be stunning as an adult. He is $950 - ADOPTED

Porsha and Kingsley's Yorkie babies


Blueberry Merle Girl - $2000 ADOPTED 

Extreme White Parti Girl - $1800 ADOPTED 

Blackberry Merle Boy - $1800 - ADOPTED

Black Traditional Boy with white Stocking feet - $1000 ADOPTED 

Dora and Kingsley’s Babies

Hazel is a Chocoberry Merle Tweed with blue green eyes. She currently weighs 14.3 so the charts say she is charting 4 1/2. She is $2000 ADOPTED

Bunny is a Blueberry Merle Tweed and I think her eyes are blue but very hard to tell right now since they appear grey. She currently weighs 15.5 ounces and the charts say she will be a little over 5 pounds. She is $2000 ADOPTED 

Fancy is a Parti Yorkie and she currently weighs 15.9 ounces and I thinks she will be in the 6 pound range. She is $1200 ADOPTED 

Hersey is a Chocolate Parti that is extreme white on his back. He has green eyes and currently weighs 11.2 ounces so the charts say he will be between 3 1/2 and 4 pounds. He is $1500 ADOPTED 

Teddy is an extreme white and has a few merle marking on his ear and the one spot on his back. He currently weight 11.6 ounces and is charting in the 3 1/2 to 4 pound range. He is $1200 ADOPTED 

Trinket’s Baby Girl

Lexi is a beautiful traditional girl charting in between the 4 and 5 pound range. She has a bubbly personality. She is 6 weeks old and should be ready in about 3 weeks! I am asking $1200 for her! a ADOPTED 

Princess' Blue Berry Merle Yorkie 

Baby Girl is a Blueberry Merle tweed but could be a blueberry Merle Tweed. She has one full blue eye and one partial blue eye. She is charting to be 3 1/2 pounds. She is $2500 ADOPTED 

Pebbles and Prince's baby boy

Tyler is an AKC registered Parti Yorkie. He is charting to be in the 5 pound range. Tyler is $900 ADOPTED 

Autumn and Rocky's baby boy

Levi is an AKC registered Parti Yorkie. He is charting in the 5 1/2 pound range - $900 ADOPTED

Rosie and Rocky's baby boys - They are all charting in the 5 to 5 1/2 pound range and they are AKC registered - $900 ALL ADOPTED 

Max has been adopted 

Maverick has been adopted 



All puppies are

given special individual cares, attention, love, and
pampered. Puppies are born and raised
in my home with my other 4 legged family
members to ensure that they all get the
special attention, socialization, and time that
they need in order to grow up to healthy &
happy dogs. I feel that this is the best
environment for your puppy to start their new
lives in before going home to join your


 Puppies CAN be ready when they are 8 weeks old, and we accept non-refundable Deposits to hold them. Most times a $200 deposit is all that is required to hold the puppy of your choice. Once a deposit is placed, I post updated pictures weekly of your baby so you can see them until time for them to come home. Just remember some puppies are not ready to go home at 8 weeks and we do not let them go if they are not ready!!!


Payment Policy

We do accept credit cards through paypal however there is a fee associated and buyer is responsible for the fee. It is free to send using friends or family using your paypal balance or bank. I accept Cash app and Zelle. Both are free to use. Payment is required once you receive the flight confirmation if flying. Cash only for final payment if picking up in person. 
For pricing please visit






  We hope you decide to adopt your New Family Member here

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